Interview with Zeboyd Games on Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness 3

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This is an email interview I did for my blog, I was planning on adding the interview in with a bigger project but unfortunately that got scrapped do to life's little problems. This was the interview with Bill Stiernberg of Zeboyd Games


Have you been a long time fan of Penny-Arcade?
Been a fan since about 2000 or so, but really became active in keeping up with the comic and the community since about 2003. Mike and Jerry's perspective on various games and the industry has always clicked with me, as well as their humor.

What is your Favorite PA Character, Strip, or Project?

That's a tough call! I will say that as a fighting game fan, one of my favorite PA strips is the one from May 4th and 7th, "The Broodax Imperiate." It's the one where the Broodax alien bursts from Gabe's skin at Tycho's joke, then tries to cover it up by placing Gabe's head back on. As a Street Fighter fan, I also really enjoyed the one from August 4, 2004, the one where Jesus kicks Gabe's ass at Street Fighter. As far as projects, I think the two greatest Penny Arcade projects are Child's Play and PAX. Child's Play is an amazing effort from PA and from the gaming community. And PAX, well PAX is just insanely fun!

What was your impressions of the first two episodes of "On the precipice of darkness"?
I thought the first two episodes of the series were well-made, and the presentation was fantastic. The game play was okay, but I felt that it was a little bit slow at times, and would often require somewhat repetitive quests.

How do you think you differ as a developer from other developers?
We try to find niches in the market that are not necessarily served that well by other companies. We also try to use unique or quirky concepts for our games' plots, settings, and characters. Humor is also a big part of our games, and there never really seems to be enough humorous games these days.

As a developer are you looking to build off what hothead games has done or are you looking on giving it your
own unique touch?

We're definitely giving Penny Arcade Episode 3 our own touch. We also want to make certain that you can pick up the series with the third game without feeling lost story-wise. We want Penny Arcade fans, Zeboyd fans, and general RPG fans to be able to enjoy this game.

If you can answer, do you think your combat system will be something original or will it be similar to the ATB
Active Time Battle system we've seen so far in the series?

Our combat system will be our own original design. I can't yet dive into the details, but it will be a new battle design that differs from PAA1 and 2, and also from our own previous games.

If you can answer, can players look forward to their PC from the first two games having any bearing on
this third game?

There are a lot of impediments from importing previous game data from another company, if that's what you're asking, so we won't be able to do so. Instead we're focusing our game design on the Penny Arcade story and universe.

Are you working with PA on the game project or are you working from the materials they wrote out on the site and
doing your take on it?

We are working closely with Penny Arcade on this project, and they've been great to work with. This is a Zeboyd game design, but its characters and story will be genuine Penny Arcade.

If episode 3 is successful do you think that you'd be interested in doing Episode 4?

I hope Episode 3 does well, and we'd definitely be interested in doing a fourth. But it's too early to say yet!

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