Android app stealing Penny Arcade

GrreymageGrreymage Registered User new member
Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. read this from a blog from another webcomic I follow.

Located here: http://thedailyblink.tumblr.com/post/19197184197/spread-the-word-theft-is-theft

The gist of it is some moron created an android app that rips webcomics from their creator sites and puts them in his app (which people can pay for or get a free version with ads) from which he makes money. Sounds like theft to me.

IcyLiquid on


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    BarrakkethBarrakketh Registered User regular
    • This has nothing to do with Vanilla, so you're posting in the wrong forum.
    • Gabe and Tycho don't read the board, though I imagine @Robert Khoo might be interested in this.

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    GrreymageGrreymage Registered User new member
    Didn't know trying to get their attention thanks for the information.

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