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Netflix is giving me trouble

BucketmanBucketman Call meSkraggRegistered User regular
hello gang, so lately my netflix has been needing to load a lot in the middle of shows. I mean a lot. Like every couple of minutes, sometimes I need to refresh the page to get it working. The thing is, when I watch it on my PS3 it works fine, and my sisters pc works fine as well. I have yet to try my laptop, but I'm pretty sure it will work there too. Any ideas? I'm wondering if theres some kind of network setting I messed with at some point? I tried googling this before hand, but I got such awful advice from it. Everything from "show your tits to a computer geek" to "Give a computer geek a pack of beer." I thought I was a computer geek....

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    symbolsorsymbolsor Registered User regular
    Does it act the same way in different browsers? Might try downloading Firefox or Chrome if you haven't. Also might try reinstalling Silverlight too. If that doesn't fix it then.. maybe updating videocard drivers.

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