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Playgreenhouse and Hothead games no replies to support requests?

mordaki987mordaki987 Registered User new member
edited April 2012 in Penny Arcade Games
Does anyone know what is going on with hothead games and i really don't undertand what is going on with either of these companies. i'm having a license code error going on it it seems as if both companies are pretty much defunct which leaves me unable to play or unlock the full game of episode 1 which i purchased from direct2drive ages ago. anyone able to help or at least tell me if its a lost cause as far as trying to get support from either of these companies? I don't know it just seems to me like has gone out of buisness or is defunct. their website all it has are download links for all of their game titles, no forums anymore and just a follow on twitter feed. and as for hothead games their webiste has no way to contact support and only a listing of 2 games one being the baconing the other game being something called sea stars. and it seems play greenhouse.coms last twitter feed was in sept. of 2010. maybe someone will have some advice or be able to help me fix my license issue ect.

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  • SaraLunaSaraLuna Registered User regular
    Greenhouse has been defunct for a while. I've wondered if eventually they're just gonna send out steam keys to people who bought it through there.
    Hothead is still active as far as I know, but their website is bereft of useful information and doesn't even have a support page/email.

  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    There was someone who had a similar situation, and that person was able to email someone for a valid key.

    Though, that was some time ago. Not sure if that can still be managed.

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    let me chase this up

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    Ok guys, playgreenhouse support is still active and working fine, it's just that PAX has slightly lengthened our response time. Once things have calmed down a bit getting new codes shouldn't be an issue. I believe you've already been contacted by the relevant people. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • 1000hurts1000hurts Registered User new member
    Hey, I'm in the exact same boat. Bought both games way back when they came out, saw the announcement for episode 3 (whose potential never-being-made status I have been lamenting to anyone who will listen for YEARS), and I don't have the codes anymore. I CAN tell you my user name there was 1000hurts and can forward you a customer support email from when I signed up if it helps prove I bought them. Is this a hopeless cause?

  • 1000hurts1000hurts Registered User new member
    Oh and I bought them from greenhouse. Duh.

  • jkallesjkalles Registered User, Administrator, Penny Arcade Staff staff
    If you bought from Greenhouse you can still e-mail the support address (support@playgreenhouse) and they can help you out with license keys.

  • 1000hurts1000hurts Registered User new member
    Great! Thanks!

  • DickygtzDickygtz Registered User new member
    why my rain slick episode one error when entering pelican bay

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