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Legend of Korra: PANIC!!!! Episode 4 Is Uploaded!!!!



  • Binary SquidBinary Squid We all make choices Registered User regular
    Shorty wrote: »
    I decided to watch the first series again

    Iroh is such a badass, folks

    Iroh in prison was fucking hilarious.

    He's all playing the part of the witless old man and then we get to see him doing push ups and it's like "fuck, guess he's tougher than he looks" then he takes off his robes and it's like " holy fucking christ, Iroh is swole as hell!"

    And you just know he's planning how much ass he's going to kick once he's out.

  • GoatmonGoatmon Property of Amara_P Registered User regular
    Kwoaru wrote: »
    Harrier wrote: »
    Kwoaru wrote: »
    I guess I just found it hard to sympathize with azula
    after she got chained up I was all "gee that sucks but she was batshit loco so I don't really care"

    and I mean it's not like she wasn't raised by at least one loving parent (until her mother killed the old fire lord and ran away) she was just broken in the head
    See, I got the strong impression that Ursa devoted much more time to Zuko than Azula, and it was Azula's resentment of her mother that fueled her paranoia.

    I think Ursa bears some blame for how Azula turned out. You can say she had to focus on Zuko since Ozai despised him, but Azula's assertion that her mother thought she was a monster didn't come out of nowhere.

    I think it came from
    azula being a monster
    This isn't really expanded upon. It's sort of the chicken or the egg situation, because we don't know if Azula became... off because her mother favored Zuko or if her mother favored Zuko because she was... off. If we want to go the sympathetic route, it could be that her skill in firebending caused her shit crazy father to devote more time into training her to be crazy, and her mother becoming distant because of the exacerbated the situation. If we want to go the sociopath route, it was because she's a sociopath.
    Plausible. Being taught early on to be a daddy's girl when your dad is Ozai is going to screw you up mentally. Assuming she was a little off from the beginning Ozai's influence only increased her sociopathic or psychopathic traits. Another reason the mother didn't get close to her is that Ozai might have kept her under his wing and she was free to help Zuko because his father might have thought he was "weak" for not being a Firebending prodigy.
    There's no way Azula turned out the way she is because of Mom.

    Her mother was clearly concerned about Azula's behavior, but I doubt she had any idea how severe it would become. She scolded Azula when she acted like an evil shithead, which is what a mother should be doing.

    If a child is a complete sociopath, there's only so much you can really do to keep them in line unless you know exactly how to handle them. Lack of guilt or compassion tends to make a child immune to a lot of parental tactics.

    And the family environment Ozai was emphasizing would not do anything to discourage her behavior at all, so you can't really blame the mom for that.

  • SeriouslySeriously Registered User regular
    a million benders bending every day

    somebody somewhere's gonna innovate

  • Ms DapperMs Dapper Cheers Luv! King's RowRegistered User regular
    I'll make a new thread tomorrow.

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  • Skull ManSkull Man Registered User regular
    NeoToma wrote: »
    Thank you skull man for having good opinions

    you too, dogg

  • TerrendosTerrendos Decorative Monocle Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    Yeah I see Azula's behavior as nurture rather than nature.
    Ozai focuses his attentions on Azula the prodigy while shunning Zuko, and Azula learns at Ozai's heel about the way society works for him. Zuko spends more time with Ursa because Ozai neglects him, and he becomes a more normal person.

    Basically, Azula learned how to manipulate and to control with fear because she imitated her father. Her drive for perfection, supported by her father, begins to crack her persona a bit when she fails to keep control of Mai and Ty Lee.

    This ties in a bit to my opinion that Ozai dislikes Zuko mostly because Zuko reminds Ozai of himself, but that's another topic.

    Terrendos on
  • ShortyShorty JUDGE BROSEF Registered User regular
    I'm watching the episode where the gang figures out how fucked things are in Ba Sing Se

    and all I can think is

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

  • SorceSorce Registered User regular
    Harrier wrote: »
    It's also the one episode in the series where Azula is genuinely nice to someone.

    She apologizes to Ty Lee for being mean! That never happens again!
    She also was a good big sister and got Zuko to admit that he was angry with himself, and not the world. Sure, she was still manipulating him, but that was one of the times it was actually for his own good.
    Skull Man wrote: »
    S3 finale spoilers
    she was always crazy

    she was just crazy with a goal and a fun girl support system

    and then her support system betrayed her and she got her goal way before she expected

    and then it's just the crazy left

    This doesn't really play though
    She was always crazy, yeah, but there are a bunch of different kinds of crazy, and the kind she's presented as early on in the series isn't the same kind as later. Losing your friends doesn't change a sociopath into whatever you'd classify her as during Sozin's comet.

    I love the character, but her development in Sozin's comet comes from nowhere and makes little sense considering what she'd been before.
    If she's as devoted to her father as has been shown, then Ozai basically saying "stay home and guard the base, I don't need you at my side" is the ultimate back breaker for her.

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