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Legend of Korra: PANIC!!!! Episode 4 Is Uploaded!!!!



  • Binary SquidBinary Squid We all make choices Registered User regular
    Shorty wrote: »
    I decided to watch the first series again

    Iroh is such a badass, folks

    Iroh in prison was fucking hilarious.

    He's all playing the part of the witless old man and then we get to see him doing push ups and it's like "fuck, guess he's tougher than he looks" then he takes off his robes and it's like " holy fucking christ, Iroh is swole as hell!"

    And you just know he's planning how much ass he's going to kick once he's out.

  • GoatmonGoatmon Don't worry about me Someone has to take care of these flowersRegistered User regular
    Kwoaru wrote: »
    Harrier wrote: »
    Kwoaru wrote: »
    I guess I just found it hard to sympathize with azula

    I think it came from

  • SeriouslySeriously There is more to learn from this worldRegistered User regular
    a million benders bending every day

    somebody somewhere's gonna innovate

  • Ms DapperMs Dapper The Undying The UndergroundRegistered User regular
    I'll make a new thread tomorrow.

    Tumblr | Twitter PSN: misterdapper
  • Skull ManSkull Man Registered User regular
    NeoToma wrote: »
    Thank you skull man for having good opinions

    you too, dogg

  • TerrendosTerrendos Decorative Monocle Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    Yeah I see Azula's behavior as nurture rather than nature.

    Terrendos on
  • ShortyShorty JUDGE BROSEF Registered User regular
    I'm watching the episode where the gang figures out how fucked things are in Ba Sing Se

    and all I can think is

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    and I broke parole just to get to you
  • SorceSorce Registered User regular
    Harrier wrote: »
    It's also the one episode in the series where Azula is genuinely nice to someone.

    She apologizes to Ty Lee for being mean! That never happens again!
    She also was a good big sister and got Zuko to admit that he was angry with himself, and not the world. Sure, she was still manipulating him, but that was one of the times it was actually for his own good.
    Skull Man wrote: »
    S3 finale spoilers

    This doesn't really play though

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