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[Arkham Horror] The Lullaby of Yog-Sothoth: Monster Mashup

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Props to mi-go hunter for the OP, saves me a lot of effort :P

The year is 1926, and it is the height of the Roaring
Twenties. Flappers dance till dawn in smoke-filled
speakeasies drinking alcohol supplied by rum runners
and the mob. It’s a celebration to end all celebrations in
the aftermath of the War to end all Wars.
Yet a dark shadow grows in the city of Arkham. Alien
entities known as Ancient Ones lurk in the emptiness
beyond space and time, writhing at the gates between
worlds. These gates have begun to open and must be
closed before the Ancient Ones make our world their
ruined dominion.
Only a handful of investigators stand against the
Arkham Horror. Will they prevail?

The Rules: http://www.math.iupui.edu/~bramsey/AH_Rules.pdf

You can download a more concise version of the rules and a ton of other player resources here: http://www.headlesshollow.com/freebies_games.html#ark


Other World Locations from Top to Bottom:

Location Special Abilities:


Gate and Monster Locations:

Player Dossiers:

Ancient One:

Enviroment, Rumors, and Modifiers:

Special Cards: http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Special

Common Items: http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Common_item

Unique Items: http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Unique_item

Spells: http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Spell

Skills: http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Skill

Allies: http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Ally

Monster Encylopedia: http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Monster

The Worlds Beyond: http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Gate_marker

Reserve list is now being kept on the central AH thread.

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