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We're pretty darn happy with the response to the game so far:
”It’s filled with quality. The writing is laugh-out-loud funny at times, the enemies and their behaviors are creative and surprising and the class-change system is great fun to mess around with. It’s like Final Fantasy V on steroids.”
8 out of 10-Great
“Distills the humorous melodrama and razor-sharp wit from Rain-Slick’s 3D entries, and then fuses it with stellar Super NES-era pixel art, all without losing an atom of the sharp wit, detailed Lovecraft-ian lore, and goofy melodrama that make the series special.”
“In the process of mimicking the past, Penny Arcade evolves beyond its own history to earn a newer, better RPG identity.”
“The third episode of Penny Arcade Adventures looks and plays different than its predecessors, and the new direction is one worth rallying behind. ..the smarter combat and more elaborate encounters keep battles entertaining while the witty, long-form comedy keeps the overly dramatic story light and fun. Unless you're allergic to nostalgia, there's no reason not to play Rain-Slick.”
The terrific sense of humor and retro stylings work together well.
Awesome, highly-detailed pixel art creates a cool world.
Simple though it starts, the complex combat stays interesting, challenging, and surprising throughout.
“Example of how dated graphics can be mixed with smart, forward-thinking design to create a thoroughly modern game.”
4 out of 5
“High on charm. Writer Holkins and the game’s artists imbue the characters with chemistry, making their interactions come to life with just text and lightly animated character portraits.”
“Rain-Slick 3 is an easy choice for anyone with an appreciation for turn-based combat and a good Cthulhu reference.”
4 out of 5 – Great
“The classes themselves are all brilliantly designed, some exhibiting a witty reimagining of classic archetypes, while others throw archetypes away entirely in favor of completely new ideas.”
“Combat gleam(s) with forward-thinking design, streamlining certain archaic aspects of RPGs to keep things fast-paced and fun.”
“The humor and terrific class system make it a great choice for fans of Penny Arcade and classic RPGs alike.”
5 out of 5
“A 16-bit nostalgiagasm loaded with offbeat humor and absolutely insane abilities and encounters.“
“If you like the oddball hijinks that Gabe and Tycho get into in the Penny Arcade comics, then this is the game for you. If you also happen to like classic RPGs, then it’s a match made in heaven.
“A fully-featured RPG with beautiful graphics, great writing, and fun mechanics“


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