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[Wag the dog parenting] - Or, why Buckyballs are not a snack food.



  • FeralFeral MEMETICHAZARD along with you if I get drunk well I know I'm gonna be gonna be the man whoRegistered User regular
    Darkewolfe wrote: »
    I've bought Zen Magnets and played with Buckyballs. There was absolutely no difference between the two products that I was able to notice, except that I believe the Zen Magnets are slightly smaller.

    When I saw they were going to stop selling buckyballs I went to buy a couple packs. Then I remembered how insanely expensive they are and stopped.

    Did you make any large or complex structures?

    Small variations between balls (heh) might not be noticeable in small numbers, but start to pile them together and those irregularities add up...

    every person who doesn't like an acquired taste always seems to think everyone who likes it is faking it. it should be an official fallacy.
    the "no true scotch man" fallacy.
  • DelphinidaesDelphinidaes FFXIV: Delphi Kisaragi Registered User regular
    bowen wrote: »
    I mean, that's understandable at least. Toys inside of an edible product. Not little magnets meant as toys for adults and people over 12, which were swallowed by an unsupervised child. And resulted in no deaths.

    Correction, meant as toys for adults and people over 14, and that were given to children below that age who then decided to wear them as faux lip piercings because....well because kids are not intelligent.

    Apparently that applies to a large amount of adults as well considering how many times you have to check that you understand that that toy is not meant for children under 14, and how it's plastered all over the merchandise.

    If I remember correctly there is not a single reported case of a child swallowing these who was over the recommended age, largely because at that age they start using their brain it seems and don't have to rely on their parent using theirs.

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  • bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    I agree. The only issue was repeated swallowing over a period of hours. I can't even see how that's an issue. Kinder eggs though, I can see.

  • japanjapan Registered User regular
    To be fair kinder egg toys are in another, plastic, egg inside the chocolate egg.

    It's not like you could bite into the thing and accidentally swallow a a load of plastic shrapnel.

    That inner egg is a bastard to prise apart, as well. I'm not sure if small children could do it unassisted.

  • 143999143999 Tellin' ya not askin' ya, not pleadin' with yaRegistered User regular
    I had some buckycubes in my cart, and I had found a promo code that worked, but somehow they managed to disable it right before I actually bought them.

    Fuck it, take 'em out, CPSC.

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