Attention All Gangnam Stylers!

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So by this point, everyone has heard of the phenomenon known as "Gangnam Style", by PSY. If not, I highly recommend you watch this video!


To explain, it's a sort of "cowboy dance", but it's wildly popular. Just like the Macarena was in the 90's and the Rick Roll a few years ago. Well, the new thing has arrived, and seeing as though this will be my first PAX, I want it to be a really memorable one. So I want to gather my fellow pelvic thrusters and lasso twirlers together into a huge video montage! (If there's any Let's Players out there, you are HIGHLY encouraged!) Of course, you'll need to know that iconic dance, so to do so, I've got a few links to help you on your way.

PSY's tutorial
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C40gHcDdoqw Part 1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StysKFZaKFc Part 2

Another tutorial

It's really not that hard to do, and I think it could be really fun, especially if we can get more people involved!

Now, as far as rules and regulations, we'll have to find out what some hotel's policies are, and/or the convention center. We have to be mindful of other people attending PAX being sure not to disrupt their experience. Of course, that shouldn't stop you from encouraging people to join in. Just have respect, and try to think before you do something stupid. (And by that I mean getting kicked out of the con, no one wants that.)

As far as the shots are concerned, we'd like to try to match the music video fairly closely, (For the rap parts we can have random shots aka sidling across the floor)
But if any of you have any good ideas for shots or would like to film any individual section, let me know! We're gonna need everybody's help to make this happen, but if we do...no...WHEN we do, it's gonna be remembered for a long, long time! (Or at least until the fad dies later next year. :p)


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    VapokVapok Just a Guy. BostonRegistered User regular
    Just gonna leave this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkybLLnvSg0

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    DocDonezDocDonez Hi. Registered User new member
    Heck yeah!

    I'd love to see how this turns out, man. If we could all p[lan it right, we could have something pretty awesome. See you there! :D

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    DurinthalDurinthal Registered User regular
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    Okay, post got stuck in mod queue (before there were any other replies), not sure how it showed up twice.

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    ChibinekodemyxChibinekodemyx Registered User new member
    Vapok wrote: »
    Just gonna leave this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkybLLnvSg0

    That's pretty cool, but I'm thinking a bit more advanced than just a 'flash mob'.
    Though those are always fun!

    Who's to say we can't make it better?

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    jdixon1972jdixon1972 Registered User regular
    OK, I'm so gonna regret this, because this would be so unlike me, BUT, I friggin love that song!!!!!!!! I would possibly be up for this but I would need the practice, hehe. I am assuming this would be like a Gangnam Style flash mob type of thing?

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    LazorzLazorz Tokyo, JPRegistered User regular
    This could be amazing if pulled off correctly.

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    KomiKomi Registered User regular
    I seriously can't believe there was one at prime and I missed it. Crap, oh well, I'm in on this in some way shape or form.

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    Kiki_louKiki_lou Registered User regular
    edited October 2012
    Would be cool to do something like they did at Dragoncon


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    SausageSausage FLRegistered User regular
    I'd do this, but only if there's more utilikilt.

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    zeromystzeromyst wat Registered User regular
    Vapok wrote: »
    Just gonna leave this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkybLLnvSg0
    lol@me in the scallops cowboy hat

    I still have that hat!!

    also...GANGNAM STYLE! I actually did karaoke to this Saturday night and did the dance. My friend has the video on his phone - lol I was a bit drunk but I didn't do too bad. Got a decent amount of claps

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    mtolanmtolan Registered User regular
    I think it would be awesomlarious to get this going in the Queue room on the first day.

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    zertechzertech Registered User regular
    i would definitely be up for this

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    stankwongstankwong Registered User regular
    This was at Pax Prime 2012


    It was a cosplay contest that kind of turned into a Gangnam Style dancing contest. Prizes were awarded.

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    TdarTURboTdarTURbo Registered User regular
    Now it seems like the Harlem Shake becomes a more likely possibility.

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