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[PATV] Monday, October 22, 2012 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 25: Blue Streak of Sadness

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited October 2012 in The Penny Arcade Hub

image[PATV] Monday, October 22, 2012 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 25: Blue Streak of Sadness

Every time we hear Sonic news these days it's always sad.

Read the full story here

Dog on


  • metroidkillahmetroidkillah Local Bunman Free Country, USARegistered User regular
    Man, I am so glad I didn't grow up a Sonic fan. The crap SEGA is doing makes Nintendo's franchise abuse look lighthearted in comparison... which makes me feel better.

    I'm not a nice guy, I just play one in real life.
  • rainbowhyphenrainbowhyphen Registered User regular
    @metroidkillah I grew up a Sonic fan... *sniff*

  • ShadowenShadowen Snores in the morning Registered User regular
    The drab gray background (and matching suit, minus the hat and shirt this week) was particularly well-suited to reporting on the depressing status of Sonic.

    But I'm all for suing the Black Eyed Peas for being generally terrible, so more power to Ubisoft.

  • TristanaodTristanaod Producer (Arcoda Games) Australia, BrisbaneRegistered User
    Diablo and Sonic, two things that should just stop!

  • UberMattUberMatt Registered User new member
    edited October 2012
    No. Just, just, no. Hey Checkpoint, can you explain how Sonic Jump is copying Doodle Jump, and not Sonic Jump that's been around since 2007

    Look at the Sonic Jump gameplay 2007:
    In 2010 (just noteworthy for the touch interface):
    And in the new 2012:

    Also, you say at 3:14 "which IS doodle jump but with sonic" - then show two pictures side-by-side of Sonic Jump and... Sonic Jump? What's up? Seriously? What the hell?

    EDIT (links to @Dash & @Snowy points): Where's Sonic? from 18 years ago:'s_Sonic?
    Sonic Jump released Feb 2005:

    UberMatt on
    DashNipponIchiDon RebashoeboxjeddyZilla360
  • SnowySnowy Registered User new member
    FYI, there was a Sonic Where's Waldo thing way back in 1994. Probably still a copy in the library at my old school.

  • DashDash Registered User regular
    @ubermatt Don't worry bro, it's just Sonic, so news outlets don't HAVE to do research. It's cool to just trash it(not that SEGA hasn't earned such disdain, but still). Furthermore, it was released in 2005 in Japan. So it predates Doodle Jump by a good 4 years. I won't deny that they are probably re-making it on the grounds of Doodle Jump being so popular, but news outlets might want to check the facts before getting all snarky about it.

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  • rembrandtqeinsteinrembrandtqeinstein Registered User regular
    Paul's deliver on "thats how sonic has been depressing us this week" was perfect, made me lol.

    Also why would anyone bother with d3 now that torchlight 2 is out?

  • AlcasteAlcaste Registered User regular
    @Snowy I remember that! Now you've got me going through all the boxes in my basement.

  • TIFunkaliciousTIFunkalicious Kicking back in NebraskaRegistered User regular
    they say 'nothing that can't be solved without a little grinding' what they meant was 'a little shopping'

  • DuelLadySDuelLadyS Registered User regular
    edited October 2012
    I'd buy Sonic Jump if it was on Android. I enjoy Doodle Jump, and having basically skipped all Sonic games between Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic Colors, my nostalgia survives!

    Also, why are you so surprised by the book? The craft store I work in carried a whole line of bad Where's Waldo ripoffs this summer, including Dora, Disney Princesses, Tinkerbell, Green Lantern, Iron Man, and Captain America. I'm surprised it took this long to try Sonic! (At least they seem to be using offical art... the ones we had in, not so much...)

    DuelLadyS on
  • AntnerdAntnerd Registered User
    Yess!!! Classic Sonic cartoon (the good one) clip! That show was about the last good thing I remember from the Sonic franchise =(

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  • Kathleen_LRRKathleen_LRR Registered User regular
    @DuelLadyS - its the cognitive dissonance of the whole thing. Sonic is a speedy character. Brand integrations that don't use that fundamental aspect of his design seem to be about money above all else.

    Don Rebaenderandrew
  • NipponIchiNipponIchi Registered User
    Any idea when the episode is going to be put back up...?

  • ShayMayShayMay Registered User regular
    edited October 2012
    Sonic, character created solely to gain profit, endeavours to gain profit. Film at eleven.

    ShayMay on
  • E-gongaE-gonga Registered User regular
    Aww man. When I heard 'Sonic Team are teaming up with publisher..." I thought they were bringing back the Sonic novels a la Martin Adam's 1993 quadrilogy.

  • DascylusDascylus Registered User
    Poor Sonic...
    Poor Paul...
    Bad Graham... Though if the Emperors are going to walk round naked then Checkpoint may as well be the small child that points and laughs first.

  • DedwrekkaDedwrekka What Would Nyarlathotep Do? Registered User regular
    I think it's worse than that because going really fast is quite literally the extent of Sonic's character. Instead, they want to make games with Sonic that are about everything but moving fast.
    Look, in Nintendo's Mario offshoots, Mario still jumps on things, collects coins, fights Bowser, and pretty much stays consistent as a character. In the Zelda games you know Link is going to be swinging a sword and running around open areas. In the CoD games you know you're going to be shooting some guy in the crotch with an MP4. In the Dead Space games you know you're going to be running down dark corridors and fighting tentacle monsters in the air vents. In the Mass Effect games you know you're going to be boning blue unisex aliens. In a Grand Theft Auto games you're going to give up on the missions after 10 minutes and work on racking up stars.

    When you see a new Sonic game you have no idea if he's going to be actually rolling into a ball and moving real fast, or even the main character.

  • AlcasteAlcaste Registered User regular
    Just looked them up (Nostalgia got the better of me). There have been where's sonic books since the mid 90s. I knew I wasn't crazy!

  • ShamisOMallyShamisOMally Registered User regular
    Insomniac, I got two words for you, and its not FXXX you.

    Its Drop Dead.

    That's it, Drop Dead, with capital D's.

    "Not taking it seriously enough" is a bullshit excuse, you saw CoD and had dollar signs in your eyes, and instead of making something -NEW- you recycled generic trash that nobody likes, and in one fell swoop not only flushed all interest for this game down the toilet by turning it into generic crap, but also all your credibility down the toilet at the same time.

    I let All 4 One slide, cause for -SOME- reason in your coke fueled brains you thought "THE WII IS SELLING HUGE, SURE NO THIRD PARTY TITLES ARE SELLING FOR IT BUT ITS HUGE! ITS GOTTA BE MAKING MONEY! QUICK! LETS MAKE A FOUR PLAYER FREE FOR ALL PARTY GAME!" and you know the old saying "Fool me once, shame on me" but you've officially run out, you have fooled me twice into thinking I was going to get something, then pulling the ol bait and switch and dumping crap on me.

    Here's a, gasp, amazing idea, just off the top of my head, go use all that gold you saved up and buy back the Spyro license and stop letting them beat the fricken crap out of it with all that Skylanders crap, or hell, you are friends with Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch, go buy the Jak and Daxter License or Sly Cooper licenses off them, cause they have for the last 5 years been -FAR- too busy being -SUPER SERIOUS GAMES COMPANIES- by tossing out crap like Resistance, Uncharted and Infamous, and produce some -FUN- games.

    Why do I ask you? Cause you have only -RECENTLY- gone super serious mode, while those other companies have had their heads shoved completely up their asses and in full "WE WANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY AS A MEDIUM!" mode, and have forgotten what fun is and rather toss out generic crap all day long with "Super intense storylines" and other crap.

    Like god dammit its been over -EIGHT- years since the last true Jak and Daxter game, I need my fix, and you can provide it.

    Or keep your head in the sand and think your CoD clone will sell just cause it has a few fun "Toys", you know, games like Singularity, how did that game do again?

    Oh while you're at it and away from the desk, pass by Squarenix on the way and whack them hard upside the back of the head and remind them like fun games like FF6, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG etc were their companies highlights everyone talks about because they were fun, and stuff like FF13 everyone forgot within a weekend.

  • shoeboxjeddyshoeboxjeddy Registered User regular
    Heh, you mad Shamus? So because Insomniac wants to be successful, they should drop dead? Or make only games that appeal to you personally? Seems legit. Especially when you suggest they should buy back the Skylanders/Spyro license (note, this is Activision's #2 most profitable thing under Call of Duty at this point, they'd have better luck trying to buy Madden from EA). Or that they should buy Sly Cooper from Sucker Punch right before he appears in two games... Finally, it is hilarious that Resistance, Uncharted, and Infamous aren't fun games. What were all their fans THINKING? Only cartoon games are fun, the moment you have even a slightly realistic graphic style, all the fun is gone. FOREVER. It doesn't matter that you play a flying electric god super hero, it's NOT FUN. Hey Uncharted, nobody cares that you have some of the best rendered action sequences in the entire medium of video gaming, you're NOT FUN. And so on.

    Dude, seriously take a chill pill. Insomniac has made co-op shooters since the Ps2. Ratchet Deadlocked was a fun game. Several of the Resistance games had co-op. Basically, just like the Sonic Jump thing, Checkpoint didn't do the research and were just plain wrong. Which is fine! They're a comedy show and we don't expect them to be 100% right about everything. I personally don't also expect someone to issue death threats based on their jokes, but you never know...

  • El SkidEl Skid The frozen white northRegistered User regular
    heehee "news outlet".

    Although to be fair, I think the Daily Show does the best job of delivering news of any show on TV today, so... congratulations, Checkpoint team! You are now officially a news outlet! I expect nothing less than Jon Stewart level performances each week!

    mrpaku wrote: »
    my name is precisionk and i'm ten tanks

    wrath God fear traitor evil
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