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So recently my flash drive decided that even though I have deleted things off of it the space is still being taken up. I reformatted it and it was back to being empty. Now it's doing it again though, I delete stuff but the space is still being taken up. Is it just busted or is there some sort of magic I can do on it to make it function properly? It's just a 4GB flash drive that I got for $10 at Office Max, so I'm not going to spend hours trying to fix it, but if there's something easy I can try I'm all ears.

Edit: There's a hidden folder on it called .Trashes and all of the stuff I thought I had perma deleted has been dumped in there. Is that just a thing that happens or is there some other way of deleting it that will make it not do that? It's a Verbatim drive if this matters.

Edit 2: Upon further investigation I guess this is a thing that happens with Macs. I probably should have researched this more >_> Using it with a mac is a recent thing, so. Anyway, sorry, this can be locked/deleted.

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    Dunno if you're comfortable at all with the command line, but you can try following the tips here to prevent that in the future.

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