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[PA Comic] Friday, November 16, 2012 - The Manifold



  • FramlingFramling FaceHead Geebs has bad ideas.Registered User regular
    If you're spending your time sitting around, yeah, all shoes are going to be pretty much the same. Which, if the second time getting your socks wet is coming so far after the first that you bother making the distinction, yeah, that's probably the case.

    If you're on your feet a lot, some shoes are going to be bad for that. I don't mean they will provide a sub-ideal ratio of calories burned to blah blah whatever. I mean they will hurt your feet. At the end of the day, you will find yourself saying "Jesus fucking Shitshorts, my fucking feet are fucking killing me." I can't wear Chuck Taylors, because I walk a fair amount and have no arches, so they hurt my fucking feet. And that was before I started running. Christ on a bun, I don't even want to think about what they'd do to my feet if I wore them running.

    Maybe some shoes are overpriced, maybe not, I haven't really done the math. But if your reasoning is "Shoes are shoes, I don't get it, bleh" well, probably the people who actually know what they're talking about are going to tell you you're talking out of your ass.

    you're = you are
    your = belonging to you

    their = belonging to them
    there = not here
    they're = they are
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  • EvermournEvermourn Registered User regular
    I've worn cheap black leather work shoes and expensive ones. The cheap ones usually suck, they're much less comfortable and don't look as good. I don't buy cheap ones anymore.

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