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QA, the Video Game Industry, and rage.

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Ok, I'm linking my G+ post... but really.

How unbelievably angry are you when you pay 60 bucks plus for a game that crashes constantly?

I can tell you, if I came _close_ to violating my SLA, I'd be fired....

(link removed)

Comment wheverever you like, or don't. But my god and all the gods of gaming, it's starting to really bother me,

I know many companies do it right (As much as Blizzard annoys me, thy still test well- across multiple platforms (mac, pc)))

Again, ignore my g+ post if you want- how much od these bugs annoy you? That's the actual point of the whole thing- how bad does the release first, patch later *IF THE MONEY DEMANDS IT* mentality hurt you?

The pirate hat riding bobcat compels you...

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