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City of Heroes Alumni Meet-up Saturday!

MWDarkAgeMWDarkAge HeroParagon CityRegistered User
Time and place to be determined on Saturday, but this WILL happen.

I have no idea how many of us will show up, but I'd like to think our CoH community will survive past its destruction by the EVIL NCSoft.



  • QueenieQueenie Registered User regular
    Having played CoH for 7 and a half years, I would love to attend this event. Looking forward to more details.

  • Crippl3Crippl3 oh noRegistered User regular

  • ThemiscyraThemiscyra Registered User regular
    I missed out on pretty much all CoH-related events at the last two PAX Easts, and I'm still reeling from the game's closure (and pulling for a miraculous recovery). Barring a serious schedule conflict, I'm in. And will probably be dressed to the nines in superheroic fashion, so yay, bonus.

    PAX EAST 2011 Omegathon Finalist - PAX East 2012 Omeganaut
    After time adrift among open stars
    Among tides of light and to shoals of dust
    I will return to where I began
  • MoltenSlowaMoltenSlowa Registered User regular
    I AM WITH YOU! (Unless I'm off doing sekrit things like Prime. In which case I'm with you in spirit. <3)

  • BatmanSays5BatmanSays5 Registered User regular
    I hadn't played CoH in years, but it would be interesting to meet some other players. it was one of my favorite games while I played (when I didn't get wife/baby aggro)

  • MaressaMaressa Registered User new member
    My husband and I are so there! We're coming from Ireland and will be working some of the time we're there. But hopefully we will be able to make it!

  • Fetch26291Fetch26291 MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    edited February 2013
    Removing due to receiving INFRACTION from forum devs.

    Fetch26291 on
  • ransimransim Registered User regular
    I'm definitely in for something, barring being overwhelmed with Cookie Brigade stuff. I was sad when I realized we wouldn't have anything this year it was fun meeting the devs at East.

  • TrichomTrichom Registered User new member
    edited February 2013
    I'm going to PAX on Sunday, but I plan on being near Boston on Saturday as well, so I'll try to make it if the time ends up working out. I played CoH from Beta to about 5 years in. Best. MMO. Ever.

    Trichom on
  • ThemiscyraThemiscyra Registered User regular
    I meant to say this before, but I do want to emphasize to everyone that this should be a positive experience. We're all upset at NCSoft for shutting down our game, but PAX is not the place to express that displeasure, especially since no one from NCSoft proper will be there. If you act out, you'll just upset any devs who happen to be present at the booths for other NCSoft games (who do NOT deserve our ire, as they had nothing to do with the decision) and probably get in trouble with the Enforcers.

    PAX is about celebrating our community, and anything else would be beneath us. No fliers, no pickets, no ranting at frightened devs. CoX had the most amazing, most positive community I've ever seen in any of the MMOs I've played. Let's be worthy of its memory.

    PAX EAST 2011 Omegathon Finalist - PAX East 2012 Omeganaut
    After time adrift among open stars
    Among tides of light and to shoals of dust
    I will return to where I began
  • MaressaMaressa Registered User new member
    So, I think it may be time to start really planning this. Is anyone working on that? I'm happy to help but this is my first year at PAX and I'm coming from Ireland so I'm really not sure how much of a help I can be other than getting the word out to the community.

  • Rotten LuckRotten Luck Registered User new member
    Wish I can get there. Even with Asperger syndrome and my uncomfortableness around a lot of people. For CoX I would go anyway.

    However I'm just north of Baltimore and Boston a tad out of my easy travel range. So... for all you City Dwellers Remember your Torches! The servers are down but our spirit still aflame!

    P.S. if you haven't check out Missing Worlds Media Created by City of Heroes Players with a goal of making a new city. One as close to what we lost as possible with out braking any IP laws. The more working on it the better the results.

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