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Obey the Golden Rule of the Internet: DON'T BE A DICK

What is this place?
This is the Penny Arcade Games forum. This forum exists to let you discuss various Penny Arcade Games with fellow Penny Arcade fans.

This is an ON TOPIC forum.


Stick to the topic
as best you can. Don't be scared to start a new thread on a tangential issue if you want to talk about it, rather than waiting for the mods to split it off.

Act like a grown-up
Its never too early to. There are actual people at the other end of these conversations, so treating other forumers like chew-toys or spamming one-line inanities all over the place will earn you a kicking.

Pay attention to grammar and spelling
We encourage the use of something approximating the English language on this forum. While we don't want people quibbling over every minor misspelling or grammatical mistake, making a huge post without any capital letters or punctuation will not go over well.

Label them! We're glad you enjoyed the game, but you shouldn't spoil it for others.

spoilers goes here!

Sig heights
Max 500px wide by 80 high. That's the whole thing, mind. Keeps things nice and readable. Also, try and keep your avatar/sig total size under 50kb or so - not everyone has the kind of bandwidth one can run a small country on.




Posting pornographic images, fetish pictures, or disturbing medical photos
This is a 13+ forum, and there are lots and lots of people to whom it is illegal to show that stuff. That means that you will be punished if you post something with the above content. Don't PM them to other users, either.
If something is borderline, LINK to it with a warning as to the content, or PM a mod before posting. If you're about to post something that could cause trouble for users browsing while at school or work, add a "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) tag to the subject line. Particularly forbidden pictures include: goatse, lensman, tubgirl, lemon party, loopback, and harlequin baby.

Don't troll
This has a working definition of "attempting to be as annoying as possible while still technically obeying the rules," and it's not the way to go about getting attention. Attempting to derail threads, posting off-topic bullshit, or flame-baiting are all verboten. There also tends to be a thin line between being abusive and immature and simply being argumentative. Crossing it persistently will lead to a ban.

Don't talk about the finer details of using ROMs, Warez, or similar subjects of a piratical nature
Yarrrr, this be non-negotiable; 'tis a request from the forum owners, in whose house ye be guests. So deal.

No Racism. Not even that ironic "lol nigra stole my bike" racism. No. Bad.

No Raiding
This includes other subforums here, forums elsewhere, livejournals, blogs, vent/skype channels and similar personal spaces. You will not use this space as a base from which to harass people, even if you think they really really deserve it (no, seriously, shut up).

Don't assassinate threads
You don't like a particular topic? Don't post in it. You don't get to dictate the topics of coversation here, that's the mod's job.

Quoting the rules if you do not know them
Loudly and disruptively proclaiming a thread or post to be against the rules without being able to back up your accusation will come to no good.

None of the following threads:
  • "Hi, I'm New!!!" - Many users are.
  • "Look at my site! Buy my stuff!" - Uhhh, no. Go away, sitewhore. Its totally fine to put a link in your sig if you want to show off your work, or hock some gear, though.
  • Redundant threads - One is enough. Look before you start something new.
  • Threads in which you bitch about the rules, the mods, the thread that just got locked, or your 'worst forum enemy'. PM us if you have a problem. Mind you, if you have a 'worst forum enemy', seek mental help instead.
    Corollary: Don't pull this crap in established threads either. Mod decisions are to be discussed in private.

Finally, "forumer X did it first!" is not an excuse to indulge in the same idiocy. You're not lemmings, and just because a mod may not be around to jump on poor behaviour immediately doesn't mean its ok for you to 'indulge'. And don't think that being a reg makes you immune to anything in this thread.


Who are the mods?

The mods at this time are Elkamil and Captain K. Others may drop in when we're not around; feel free to send up the Batsignal for them if there's an emergency. Generally, we're easily contactable by PM or IM, or you can use the report button.

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    HotHead is no longer the developer for the series, which means that technical support for Rain-Slick Precipice Episodes 1 & 2 will be very limited. You can still post about any technical difficulties you are having, but remember that you're relying now on people to help you out of personal kindness. In other words: be patient.

    Zeboyd is the developer for Episode 3, and they post here from time to time. Feel free to post about any problems, and they'll try to help you when they can.

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