Which Penny Arcade Deck Building game should I buy?

MentalToastMentalToast Registered User regular
I got the Penny Arcade: Gamers vs Evil iPad app and it was my first time delving into a deck building card game with only previously barely learning the idea behind dominion.
Being a huge Penny Arcade fan, I loved the humor, the mechanics and was addicted to it. I played hours of it on the iPad until I had all the cards memorized, different strategys planned out and could beat the Hard AI.

I want to get it for my board game group of friends so that we can all play it together, I can have the 'more fun physical version' , and I can have actual other people to play against.
My crossroads is this: I was going to buy the normal base game ( gamers vs evil) since i had heard rumble in r'lyeh can be used as an expansion OR standalone. Then purchase r'lyeh if my friends enjoy it too, but now I'm wondering if r'lyeh is strong enough as a standalone to skip over gamers vs evil (but eventually get it as well ) since I've already learned/seen everything the first game has to offer.
The Tl;Dr version of this.
Does Rumble in R'yleh offer a stronger standalone experience over gamers vs evil? or is it better used as an expansion?
(I would just get both, however I didn't want to invest in both if they start playing and no one else enjoys it and I end up with both games with no one to play with)


  • ToddEvfToddEvf Insanity Chamber Studio, SCRegistered User regular
    I currently have both of these, and while I do recommend them both, GvE is a pretty solid game. I have only ever used Rumble as an expansion, but considering the Gold card type and new "heroes" it should be enjoyable by itself.

    I can understand not wanting to invest in both upfront. I had this same conundrum when I was pulling the trigger. Ultimately, I purchased both and eased my group in with GvE (as none of them had played a deckbuilder before). They had so much fun, next time I broke out Rumble as an expansion.

    So what I'm basically saying is, either way you will be in good shape.

  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    I only own RiR and it is definitely fun. The rules are different in that the end game changes (shorter, sincr less piles being depleted ends the game) in RiR than in GvE. I have never actually played GvE so I can't offer a comparison but RiR is fun. The only complaint is it can be tough to directly affect an opponent's gameplan. There aren't many ways to disrupt them so sometimes a strong opening allows someone to steamroll.

  • redfield85redfield85 Registered User regular
    I've played the expansion less than a handful of times and it was fun. I would recommend just getting the original GvE at first though. Then once you see if everyone likes it you can get the expansion.

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