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Hello Tech forum,

So I'm moving next week and my roomie and I are looking at ISPs out in our area. Looks like its Comcast or Frontier and I haven't heard anything good about either, but Frontier caps at about 5mbps according to reviews. So I was wondering, what can I expect from Comcast? What do I need to do to get a descent deal? For just internet I was looking at their Blast Plus (30 mbps) since there will be 3 people using the internet, but man, their package deals with TV (my roomies insist) are WAY super highly priced. So what do you guys suggest?

Thanks in advance


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    I have Comcast. I mean, it's a huge company, so it is what it is on that front...but my service is decidedly not terrible, and they seem pretty responsive if something is up. If I notice the internet flaking (very rare), I usually get a robo-call within 30 minutes telling me there is a service issue in my area.

    You're always going to find horror stories about these big companies, but overall I don't hate my Comcast service.

    Be careful of the package deals unless you really want all that cable TV. A lot of times those prices will be introductory and go up after a year, and you'll be locked in to a two year contract. It's better to go ala carte if that's all you want, even if it seems more expensive. You can usually get their mid level internet for like 29.99 a month, and then it's going to go up after that. If you want to be bossy, you can usually call them up and threaten to cancel service and they'll keep the introductory rate active to keep you signed up.

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