Pre-Pax Sportsfriends? (J.S. Joust, Hokra, etc)

AppleguysnakeAppleguysnake Registered User regular
Hello there internet.

I'm looking forward to the BoardGame of Thrones event, as I rarely get to play tabletop games, but I also rarely have enough people in once place to play Joust or Hokra, so I wanted to see if there was any interest in a pre pax sportsfriends meetup (or if it's even possible considering space requirements).

What I have:
-Sportsfriends kickstarter games on a flash drive (currently J.S. Joust, Hokra, and Barabariball)
-3 wired xbox controllers
-5 PS Move controllers for Joust

What's missing:
For Joust:
A macbook + speakers
Space (somewhere outside near the Westin would be fine if it's warm enough)

For Hokra/Barabariball:
A windows pc/laptop
1 wired xbox controller (or a wireless adapter)
Somewhere that we can use those things

So if anyone is interested in that, perhaps we can organize something, if not, tabletop games will reign supreme.


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    SleepSleep Registered User regular
    I've been hoping someone was bringing joust Heard about it from prior events and am very interested in checking it out seems like a badass game.

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    AppleguysnakeAppleguysnake Registered User regular
    It is a badass game, hopefully we can play it. I spoke to Doug Wilson at Indiecade East and he said they were thinking about doing a Joust competition during the weekend, so hopefully that'll work out as well!

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    xenardxenard Registered User regular
    Would love to play Joust!!

    3DS Friend Code: 2449-5711-0640
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    TheAggroCraigTheAggroCraig Ultimate Lucky Douchebag MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    Last year at PAX we played right inside the convention center right beyond the skybridge going into it from the Westin. There's a pretty clear hallway (granted it was at 1AM when we were there)

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