Paparazzi Extravaganza!

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I know we’re still several months away from Prime but this past week some gears started turning. I’ve been going to pax for a while now and I want to get more involved with the PAX community! So this is my idea that I’ve already put in to motion… If it’s a terrible Idea or illegal please chime in so I don’t make a fool of myself.

Every year After PAX there is the Photos and Videos thread that goes up and it seems to do just fine. I read through and there are always the people that ask “Hey if anyone got a picture of me in my ‘totally bad a$$ cosplay’ please let me know!”

I’m a Photographer, and I go to as many of the parties and tournaments as I can. So what I’m proposing is I carry around cards with my website and twitter info. Any person cosplaying or not that I take a picture of I’ll give them a card, that way they know where they can find their 'pic'. I’ll even email them a high resolution version if they contact me asking for one. I will then upload every Picture to my website for everyone’s viewing pleasure. I want to turn this into a game, Probably using twitter. Something to the tune of, I’ll post a question on twitter and the first person that sees me after the post and answers said question, wins a prize. I’m thinking about investing a little money into these prizes just so people will play! Is this a terrible Idea?

Thanks for your time.


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    The card thing is a pretty common idea among photographers I know, and it's a good idea for getting yourself out there as a photographer. The hard part as far as integrating it into a forum event is "when does it cross the line over into self promotion?" The photographers I know that do these sorts of things are doing it to promote themselves *and* help people that want pictures.

    I'm going to close this for now, but PM me about it after PAX East is over and we'll talk.

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