Pokemon fans? Funfest missions?

wartjr2373wartjr2373 Registered User regular
Hi everyone,

How many people play Pokemon Black 2 or White 2? There are medals in the game for getting 100 people to participate in a Funfest Mission, and for getting 1000 points in one mission. I have no hope of getting these outside of a large organized event such as PAX East. Does anyone know of an organized gathering or likely place/time to find a lot of Pokemon fans and attempt this challenge?


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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    the PAX Pokemon League meetups are probably your best bet. There's also a Pokemon lounge on the maps this year. http://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/166376/east-pax-pokemon-league-east-2013-legends

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    QuantumShaddowQuantumShaddow Registered User regular
    I'd say join for the PAX Pokemon Meet-Ups on each day (on PPL website) in the Pokemon Lounge for the best chance of getting them.

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    BigDumbHippyBigDumbHippy Registered User regular
    Pm propriety the league coordinatior. he'd could help set something up

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    wartjr2373wartjr2373 Registered User regular
    Thanks, everyone. I've sent a PM to Propriety so hopefully we can arrange something. I'm not sure if during a Gym Leader Swarm is necessarily the best time since I imagine most people will be battling, but it certainly seems like a place where I can find a lot of Pokemon players.

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