[PATV] Monday, March 11, 2013 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 39: Kicking Expectations

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image[PATV] Monday, March 11, 2013 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 39: Kicking Expectations

What should you do differently if you KickStarter is over-funded? Everything, and nothing.

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    kuehnaukuehnau Registered User regular
    What's with the pot shot at Wii-Ware games? I recall in the past several successful projects that all resulted from being published on the Wii-Ware channel. I don't blame Nintendo for being picky, it is the right thing to do. Especially considering all the garbage that has been "green lit" on STEAM lately.

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    DelcastDelcast Registered User regular
    that is not a very favorable video cap Kathleer :(
    why did PA change the video system? It used to work here at work so I could watch you guys on the lunch break... not anymore.. youtube is locked.

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    pubskypubsky Registered User regular
    fyi, got a 404 when I tried to link from the PA main sidebar.

    had to enter through the PATV link on the top bar.

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    TheSchaefTheSchaef Registered User regular
    No mention, from that same interview with Provinciano, that the office space requirement and the 6,000-unit floor were not carried over to the eShop.

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    enderandrewenderandrew Systems Engineer OmahaRegistered User regular
    I backed Banner Sage to get a single-player game. I get there was one line on the Kickstarter page that mentioned they might do multiplayer. But given that it was barely mentioned, I assumed it was low on the priority scale. And because it was literally a single line, a lot of people did miss this. So it wasn't super clear to everyone.

    Then they made a separate multi-player game first. When they first said that they had a beta for multi-player primarily as a means of testing combat, I thought that was fine. But releasing a finished, fully separate multi-player game that I didn't intend to pay for or back is another thing.

    The perception is that the delay for the single-player game was in fact caused by making the multi-player game. When you're five months past your release date, and the only thing you've released is not what backers asked for or gave you money for, then I do think there is legitimate reason for some concern.

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    Zachary AmaranthZachary Amaranth Registered User regular
    I bet someone's already done Minecraft for your TI-83.

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    enderandrewenderandrew Systems Engineer OmahaRegistered User regular
    They have Minecraft running on a Raspberry Pi. And they have a Portal game that can run on graphing calculators. So you never know.

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    AdmiralMemoAdmiralMemo Trekkie Extraordinaire Baltimore, Maryland, USARegistered User regular
    Delcast wrote: »
    that is not a very favorable video cap Kathleen :(
    Well, Kathleen has stated in the past that she intentionally tries to make silly faces during her bits so the PA guys can grab one to use. :D
    Delcast wrote: »
    why did PA change the video system? It used to work here at work so I could watch you guys on the lunch break... not anymore.. youtube is locked.
    Ironically for you, they did it to make the videos more accessible to the general public.

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    moosemaimermoosemaimer Registered User regular
    Seeing as how they've already proven that Minecraft runs on redstone INSIDE MINECRAFT, very little would surprise me now.

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    VeritasVRVeritasVR Registered User regular
    When are you guys going to wipe off the center camera lens? It's had water drops on it for like eight episodes.

    I said nothing because I was sure someone else would catch it.

    Let 'em eat fucking pineapples!
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    ShadowenShadowen Snores in the morning LoserdomRegistered User regular

    What the lady said.

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    FramlingFramling FaceHead Geebs has bad ideas.Registered User regular
    I don't wanna be the kid that reminds the teacher that they forgot to assign any homework over the weekend, but I didn't get an ad before the video.

    (I think the tester in me feels compelled to point it out when software systems aren't functioning as I expect them to.)

    you're = you are
    your = belonging to you

    their = belonging to them
    there = not here
    they're = they are
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    MoganMogan Registered User regular
    Technically, the new Thief is the only game in the series to be called simply, "Thief." The first game was subtitled The Dark Project, the second The Metal Age and the third is Deadly Shadows ... actually, let's DO call it (2014), because a subtitle would keep things consistent.

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    marsiliesmarsilies Registered User regular
    @moosemaimer I'm pretty sure what you've claimed isn't true. They've built computers within Minecraft, and while they're impressive, they're still relatively basic compared to what Minecraft actually runs on.

    For example, here's one of the more impressive computers in Minecraft, which can use up to 30KB of RAM (!!)

    Here's a really basic video game someone developed in Minecraft:

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    TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    He might have meant that someone proved that Minecraft has all the necessary bits to construct a structure in Minecraft Turing equivalent to a PC, so you could theoretically make a program in that Minecraft PC to play Minecraft.

    If your base computer was ungodly powerful and you were a crazy person.

    Tofystedeth on
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    dead.juicedead.juice Registered User regular
    Notch, if you release Minecraft on PS3, I WILL buy it again no problem.
    If you release it on PS4, I will not be able to buy it, because I do not plan on jumping onto that console until a year or a half into its cycle. And when I do, there are several game I will be looking into, like Black Flag, Thief, and Watchdogs.

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    DiEvAlDiEvAl Registered User new member
    @Tofystedeth I'm not sure that's even true. Having a really powerful computer won't increase the number of chunks that are loaded.

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    FriedZombieFriedZombie Registered User regular
    Well I have seen some platformers for the TI-83+ when I was in High School, so maybe some advanced calcs like the TI-86 could very well be capable of playing MC

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