How many times have you fallen in love already?

sawtasawta VARegistered User regular
Now that Day 1 of 2013 PAX is (nearly) over and done with, I was wondering who else out there was blown away by how many stunningly attractive ladies (and dudes..you know, if that's what you're into..) have been attending. Personally, I lost count at around the 50 mark. I swear, I could barely turn a corner without falling in love all over again. Giving me mother fucking heart arrhythmia's 'n shit.

I'm still kicking myself a bit for not actually talking to any of them (aside from one on the escalator for several seconds, right before VCO started playing), but there's still two more days to go so we'll see!

Anyway, please, share your stories! Assure me in how I'm not super weird for having this happen at every god damn convention.


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    Mal_Serenity567Mal_Serenity567 Registered User new member
    Dude I completely feel you. But even more than them being attractive is that they are all very approachable. Everyone I have talked to have been ok with pictures and loved to explain the work that goes into their outfits. Everybody has been pleasant and awesome.

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    sawtasawta VARegistered User regular
    Haha, yeah I'm sure they are! All of the guys that I've talked to so far have been very cool, I'm just still dealing with a bit of social anxiety that I've been struggling with for a while. It's defiantly gotten way easier since I started taking Prosac though, since I can actually manage to go on the Expo floor now, drive a vehicle, speak to strangers, etc.

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    miker525miker525 New YorkRegistered User regular
    just a few :p . Regardless like Mal_Serenity567 said everyone's super approachable which makes it all better and funner. Everyone is just fun to be around regardless of how attractive they are

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    TunderaxdTunderaxd Registered User new member
    i didnt see one girl that wasnt mind blowingly beautiful today, literally. if only i had balls to talk to them lol.

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    gamerman1227gamerman1227 Registered User regular
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    Here's the thing, most of these beautiful women who you see are accompanied by men, even if that may not be apparent. Be wary of who you randomly approach, guys can get very defensive, and the girls themselves can also get defensive at events like these where they are obviously outnumbered. Remember, we may all be friendly and approachable here, but that doesn't apply to everyone.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    We don't do threads like this.

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