"First" and "Previous" buttons should have different sizes.

I have been reading Penny-Arcade cartoons for a few years now, and I have one thing that really bugs me about the comic UI. I want the first button to be MUCH smaller than the previous button. I can't speak for all the users but my use of the comics page is typically, to go to a comic, and click previous a few times, to catch up on the comics I have missed in the last week. In almost all the cases where I have I pressed first, I actually intended to press previous. (I'm sure you guys could probably measure the frequency of presses of those two buttons.) In my mind it doesn't make sense to give them the same priority on the UI, as the one is used, I would guess 100x more than the other.

To cite one example of first/previous button size that make sense to me: xkcd, has one small, (almost) square first and last button, and next to it (but not too close) a large "previous" button.

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