So a pack of enforcers were looking for me?

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I heard it through the grapevine that a pack of enforcers were looking for me near the BYOC area.

I don't remember doing anything bad. So I come here to clear my name.

Here's my educated guess for any curious on-lookers. Saturday Razer held a CS:GO tourney that ran allllll day...we missed the con floor and panels...all day Saturday...

Razor didn't tell any of us what we were winning. Plus they hinted to a second place prize to one of my teammates. 6pm rolls around and we finally get to the finals. We obviously get rolled cause we are TF2 players and an invite CS:GO teamed showed up. Razer gives the winners 5 of their low-end headphones.(lol) And second place gets a handshake. 6-7 hours to get a nod and a handshake. I voiced my opinion to the razer employees face-to-face then driving back to the hotel I posted on twitter how razer wasted our time at PAX and Corsair ran a better/shorter CS:GO tourney last year.

Now, that all went down on Saturday. My guess is some head honcho at Razer HQ read my tweet and made an angry phone call to the razer workers on the floor. So Sunday the razer workers were hell bent on getting back at me. Hence trying to get me kicked out for voicing my opinion Saturday. I said what I had to say face-to-face and they laughed and brushed me off...but it's the tweet that made them come out for revenge on Sunday.

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