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Interest in a Table Top RPG One Shot

IcefuhrerIcefuhrer Registered User regular
Hello I am Martin.

I was scoping the forums to see if there was enough interest in myself GMing a one shot scenario. I was thinking of running Eclipse Phases' Ego Hunter which is a convention scenario. This is a scenario for up to 8 players, characters are pregenerated and would be played on the Saturday of PAX Melbourne. The mechanics and GM stress role play for this scenario. If there is enough interest I would be happy to run this adventure.

Eclipse phase is a post-apocalyptic science fiction game with strong transhumanist, horror and intrigue themes. This game is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-
Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Which means the game is free to share for noncommercial purposes.

Post your interest or any questions you have.


  • zerochosenzerochosen WollongongRegistered User regular
    Always interested, the problem is so many things to do, so little time :)

    A webcomic by me: Enemy Agency
  • IcefuhrerIcefuhrer Registered User regular
    Yeah that is always a problem.

  • OranniusOrannius Registered User new member
    I am interested but until i know what's on and when I don't want to cement my name in just to,cancel on you

  • NeenerNeener Registered User regular
    Always was interested in trying an tabletop RPG, but I've never had any experience on it. :s

  • IcefuhrerIcefuhrer Registered User regular
    Heres hoping we get a schedule some time before it starts :|

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    The PAX schedule, for the US paxes, is usually released about one month prior to the show. So late June, in this case, most likely.

  • KatiecakeKatiecake Registered User new member
    I would be interested, but like others have said it would be good to view the schedule to see how things are going to fit it :)

  • IcefuhrerIcefuhrer Registered User regular
    With 4 and a bit days before PAX begins. I will probably have cancel having the RPG oneshot, unfortunate but what can you do?
    Have fun a PAX!

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