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In the testing industry, one thing reigns supreme: You are replaceable.

There are many, many people out there that think that game testing is an amazing job.  The sort of job where you get to sit around and play games all day.  That’s not true at all.  Playing games will get you fired.  And every year, a new bunch of people graduate from high school that have this same thought in their head.  “Man, I’d LOVE to get paid to play games all day!”  This causes a huge pool of testers with a minimal amount of seats.

So what happens when a company has about 300 seats and 1,000 people banging on the door to get hired?  They start throwing testers at the wall and seeing what sticks.  I have seen entire teams get called into a conference room on Friday just to have them all walking out dejected… and replaced on Monday with an entirely new team.

The upside to this, however, is if a tester ever makes it to a position in a company above the standard tester, their position is a bit more secure (though not much), usually comes with some form of training, and it looks good on a resume.  Mainly because it means you know how to shower daily.

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    Warlock82Warlock82 Never pet a burning dog Registered User regular
    Q has the best solutions ;)

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    Ori KleinOri Klein Registered User regular
    A Kotick in the making.

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    Jacques L'HommeJacques L'Homme BAH! He was a rank amateur compared to, DR. COLOSSUS!Registered User regular
    Q gonna turn that shit storm into a deluge o' dolla bills.

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    GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
    And so the Rhymeblade of Ballad-Ur enters an indefinitely long but fully monetized period of "open beta" status.

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    jlrxjlrx Registered User regular
    Am I seeing it wrong, was Replacable intentional?

    Able to be replaced.
    Denoting those hydrogen atoms in an acid that can be displaced by metal atoms when forming salts.

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    BremenBremen Registered User regular
    Gaslight wrote: »
    And so the Rhymeblade of Ballad-Ur enters an indefinitely long but fully monetized period of "open beta" status.

    In some ways, it's a brilliant move. Just like monetized open beta can head off complaints with "It's only beta", in this case the game isn't even technically released.

    "What, the cash shop $100 monocle made the server crash and delete your account? You shouldn't have been playing a pirated version you got off a torrent."

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    fortyforty Registered User regular
    jlrx wrote: »
    Am I seeing it wrong, was Replacable intentional?
    Yes. Obviously the title has terrible spelling as a metaphor for how terrible that Tale was. It's not even a story, really.

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    CoinageCoinage Heaviside LayerRegistered User regular
    "how many people work at Kotaku?" is the first time I've laughed at Trenches in a long time.

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    HenroidHenroid Mexican kicked from Immigration Thread Centrism is Racism :3Registered User regular
    Didn't those War Z guys do that with their game? Throw it into early availability and have their micro-store running?

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    ArbitraryDescriptorArbitraryDescriptor changed Registered User regular
    I know Path of Exile did, but it only had a handful of cosmetics, a bonus stash, and a $1000 "Design a unique item" option.

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