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Rain and slick 4: Is this normal?

sebasspfsebasspf Registered User new member
edited June 2013 in Penny Arcade Games
Hi to all, im new to the forums. I am playing Rain and Slick 4 for some days, and in the last session of play is something bothering me. In any battle i fight Scream Cone lost 40 HP all the turns.. :(
The same shamefull destiny to Grouchophon (and with his little HP this is fatal).

Im in a little jungle near Strangletown in chapter 7. My equips are the follow:

Scream cone:
- Axe Axe
- Barbells
- Gabe

- Briar orb
- Hark Signet
- Hestia

Any help is really aprecciated. Thanks!

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