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RingoRingo He/Hima distinct lack of substanceRegistered User regular
So I accidentally hit the "Mark All Viewed" button instead of My Drafts on my phone earlier today. I doubt there's a way to undo this - but I was thinking maybe there could be a "Are you sure?" pop-up or something? Because not only did I lose my place in a bunch of threads, but now there's no quick way to scan a forum for the threads I want to view as everything now has a blue box instead of an orange one and it is a total bummer.

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I know my last visit to my grandpa on his deathbed was to find out how the whole Nazi werewolf thing turned out.
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    SaraLunaSaraLuna Registered User regular
    it's come up in the past, and the response was basically "oh well"

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    DevoutlyApatheticDevoutlyApathetic Registered User regular
    Would it be possible to reorder that dropdown? Maybe move "The Rules" up before the two buttons that cause irreversible changes? I haven't had an issue since I blocked the drafts with Adblock but I know I messed this up a couple times before that.

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