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stebuustebuu Crabs are fucking crazy, and I hate horsesRegistered User regular
I just got the email below. The survey was all about the datamining. The only question at all related to PAX was a "If PAX was a relative, which relative would it be?" style question. I suppose the email never actually says that the survey is for PAX, but it certainly hints it.

Hey Stebuu,

I know you and a lot of our other Fans look forward to PAX East all year long and everyone here on the ReedPOP team spends the same year creating something worthy of your time, passion and investment. Every year we try to make PAX East better and improve upon things that did not go well the year before. We got some things right and we missed the mark on some things as well. What's important though is that we are always listening and learning.

I would like to ask you a small favor...that you take a few moments and fill out a quick survey in order for us to provide you with relevant content and activities at future ReedPOP events. We're hoping to learn a little more about you, your interests and the products you use. It should only take 4-5 minutes of your time.

Start Survey

Thank you and we hope to see you at PAX East 2014!

PAX Team


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    torchdragontorchdragon Registered User new member
    Hey guys, what's the deal? You want to make PAX East better? How about not spamming your fans with a generic marketing survey that had one question regarding anything actually PAX related? General demographics I understand, but you want to know what kind of car I drive? How is that going to make PAX better? Tell your "partners" at ReedPOP that they just soured PAX a bit more.

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    stebuustebuu Crabs are fucking crazy, and I hate horses Registered User regular
    Irritated minds think alike!

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    JimmyWildJimmyWild Austin, TXRegistered User regular
    Yeah, that is crap. Get this junk out of my mail box. PAX is about a lot of things, but car insurance is NOT welcome.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    huh, I did not get any such email

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    havok978havok978 Baltimore, MdRegistered User regular
    I just got this too, although mine was PAX Prime. Like stated above, the only thing really PAX related was the "Which family member would PAX be?" question.

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    stebuustebuu Crabs are fucking crazy, and I hate horses Registered User regular
    The correct answer is, of course, Grandparent with the reason "because it forwards me spam email"

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    CodextehFishCodextehFish Vancouver, CanadaRegistered User regular
    I got one claiming to be in relation to PAX Prime. It's nice that other people got it... not so nice that it exists.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I'm not really sure what's up with it. It seems like an odd thing to get from them. Also weird that not everyone is getting it.

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    redfield85redfield85 Registered User regular
    Yea, I am going to East 2014 and went to East 2013 and didn't get said email.

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    SchmulkiSchmulki Registered User regular
    Yea, I didn't get this, either. Weird.

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    grayfawkesgrayfawkes Registered User regular
    redfield85 wrote: »
    Yea, I am going to East 2014 and went to East 2013 and didn't get said email.

    I've been to PAX 12, 13 and now 2014 and didn't get this.

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    miker525miker525 New YorkRegistered User regular
    Yeah I've been in attendance to EAST only, however I've been there every year since 10 or 11 (year after it started in Boston) so strange I didn't get it. Has everyone who's received the email attended at least one year of Prime?

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    TheAggroCraigTheAggroCraig Ultimate Lucky Douchebag MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    A friend of mine got this, he didn't register for East this year however (I got his pass for him), so idk if that makes a difference. He has only registered for East 2011 and 2012, single days each time iirc.

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    ThirteenThirteen Registered User regular
    I got the email also; this year is my 3rd East, never been to Prime. I still haven't even clicked the survey link; it just seemed unexpectedly weird to get it.

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    sillyzombie666sillyzombie666 massRegistered User regular
    this is my 4th pax 11, 12, 13 and 14 didn't get this email

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    AnarCHrisAnarCHris Trash Lord New York CityRegistered User regular
    I've been to EVERY PAX East, but no email for me.

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    revengeancefulrevengeanceful Registered User regular
    I got the survey, and thought some of the questions were a little odd (the car insurance one in particular was way out of place), but I'm fine with them trying to get to know their audience a little better.

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    schussschuss Registered User regular
    You do realize that having a solid hold on demographics will increase the flexibility PAX has in terms of funding and venues right? IE, if they can say X group is hugely represented at PAX and someone who caters to X group wants to be a title sponsor, it gives them a lot more leverage to say "Hey, we know you're going to get a lot out of this, so you need to fund some additional events" etc.

    While PAX is generally a great time and there's a lot of fun, if you want to have PAX exclusives from company's, resources allocated like lead developers for AAA games and whatnot, you need to have the business justification for people who would rather allocate those things elsewhere.

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    RidleyDragonRidleyDragon Registered User regular
    It's a survey , some of you guys act like someone from Reed came to your house and shot you, don't fill it out if you don't want to.

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