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Web Developer volunteer needed for

grgemonkeygrgemonkey Registered User regular
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Hello Pals,

With some sadness I have to admit the amount of free time I've had to work on improving and expanding has been limited after the beta launch. This is volunteer work after all and real life simply gets in the way sometimes but without being too boring, we'll just say I'm stressed for free time.

So I'm looking for a partner in crime :)

People interested need the following qualifications, preferably with some example work:

- Familiar with standard LAMP stack and the ability to setup a virtual environment on their desktop. There is no debug server for the site, you do all your testing on your local build.
- Knowledge of Javascript, PHP, MySQL (or relevant SQL experience, the DB is not complex).
- Knowledge of popular JS libs, JQuery/UI, Underscore and some smaller utility libs.
- Knowledge of SCSS and the ability to use the Closure Compiler for JS.
- Basic abilities in Photoshop or similiar app to create pin and set graphics.
- A BitBucket account.
- Ability to use Git.
- A text editor that can maintain the style guide and this is a big must, you need to drop your style ego and stick to the one already present even if you hate it to death.

The website does not use JS/PHP frameworks, it is all custom, you need to be comfortable with that but this doesn't mean it is complex.

Anyway that gives you a quick intro to what you can expect :) If interested, please PM me. - Be there or be your least favourite shaped pin. Pin trading and more. - Head-To-Head battle of pins! Choose the most desirable. - iOS pin collection tracking app.
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