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An idea about more quickly clearing drafts

Just_Bri_ThanksJust_Bri_Thanks Seething with ragefrom a handbasket.Registered User, ClubPA regular
I think I remember Tube saying that he could only enable and disable Drafts for everyone, so he was disinclined to do it, and while drafts have been more of a hassle for me than a benefit, I am not here to argue that. The potential benefit of drafts far outweigh any potential irritation, so I am all for them.

The question I have is if it is possible to put the X to delete a draft into the quick edit box as well as its current location accessed by clicking Account Options then drafts? Or perhaps a delete draft button next to the save draft button?

A scan of the search results for drafts didn't show anything that looked like it may be the same topic, so please excuse if I missed it.

Edit: The main prompting for me to post this thread is the forum's tendency to save a draft for me after I have actually clicked the post button.

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    AthenorAthenor Battle Hardened Optimist The Skies of HiigaraRegistered User regular
    I've found on more than one occasion where tabbing from the text field takes me to save draft instead of post reply, and a few times when a draft is saved even after a reply has been posted.

    I like the idea of having a "clear draft" button somewhere in the editing field. :)

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    PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet Busters Tasting FruitRegistered User regular
    I find that whenever I post from the mobile site the draft is almost always left behind

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    Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to. Philosophy: Stoicism. Politics: Democratic SocialistRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    You can always save a draft of a period to delete your current one.

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    Just_Bri_ThanksJust_Bri_Thanks Seething with rage from a handbasket.Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Yes, but then I still have to go in and delete the draft.

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