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some strangeness this afternoon

Just_Bri_ThanksJust_Bri_Thanks Seething with ragefrom a handbasket.Registered User, ClubPA regular
Getting logged out a lot, and just a moment ago I was redirected from my bookmarks page to one that told me vanilla was installed with a click to continue button. Do I need to call for an young priest and an old priest?

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    HenroidHenroid Mexican kicked from Immigration Thread Centrism is Racism :3Registered User regular
    In addition to the "Vanilla is installed!" page, I also ended up on a "service temporarily unavailable" page.

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    Tim is on the InternetTim is on the Internet On the Internet Edmonton, ABRegistered User regular
    Vanilla is so installed right now.

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    StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    Icy is aware of the problem, and knowing him it'll be fixed by the time I post this.

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    Just_Bri_ThanksJust_Bri_Thanks Seething with rage from a handbasket.Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Keeeeeeses! Mwuah!

    ...and when you are done with that; take a folding
    chair to Creation and then suplex the Void.
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    skeldareskeldare Gresham, ORRegistered User regular
    Been logged out a few times in the last hour or so. Not sure if it has to do with what's going on for Valentine's day or what.

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    Mom2KatMom2Kat Registered User regular
    I get logged out quite often. iPhone 5 current iOS 7 current chrome mobile browser and my home computer win 7 with most recent updates and current chrome.

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    ChrysisChrysis Registered User regular
    I'm still getting sort of signed out fairly frequently. Specifically, if I load a forum it loads as if I'm signed out, but if I then hit F5 and refresh it remembers I'm signed in and we're good to go.

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    Eat it You Nasty Pig.Eat it You Nasty Pig. tell homeland security 'we are the bomb'Registered User regular
    note that you're not actually logged out, the server just sends you a page as though you were for some reason. Usually a refresh fixes it, at least for me

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