Thread got all janked up on page 3: empty post

GarthorGarthor Registered User regular

Previously the third page of this thread contained literally no post. Currently it contains a malformed post by "Unknown" (user 0).

Garthor on


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    SteevLSteevL What can I do for you? Registered User regular
    Yeah, I made the last post in that thread. My first sentence was about how I couldn't see the latest post in that thread and how page 3 was blank, and looks like all my post did was add that "Unknown" user post. Weird.

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    XixXix Miami/LosAngeles/MoscowRegistered User regular
    Can you guys read this?

    Forum is screwed up I think.

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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    We're working on it, thanks. No more reports on this one please.

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