[PATV] Monday, March 24, 2014 - Penny Arcade: The Series Season 4, Ep. 6: Backstab (4th Panel)

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image[PATV] Monday, March 24, 2014 - Penny Arcade: The Series Season 4, Ep. 6: Backstab (4th Panel)

  • In this episode, our heroes create the strip "Backstab."

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    LovecraftianfoolLovecraftianfool Registered User regular
    Love the episode man.. sooo happy PA: The Series is back :)

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    AlwaysTheBigSpoonAlwaysTheBigSpoon Registered User regular
    I'm a bit of a fanboy with the subject matter but not in the sense of trying both games (LoL and DOTA) because I haven't tried LoL yet but I guess I'm being an "aesthetics fanboy." Then again, you're trying to look for the "logic" in stupidity of fanboys.

    I didn't really like the "look" of LoL and DOTA with Valve seemed to bring out some class especially with this thing called "The International." It's like a secret agent with the code name "The International" or "Duchess". Then there's the abbreviation of League of Legends... "LOL."

    Anyhow, I do enjoy DOTA2 but I'm just so comfortable and snug with DOTA2, I don't really want to make the effort to learn and "master" LoL.

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    LazorzLazorz Tokyo, JPRegistered User regular
    I love watching the process behind them making a strip, with Jerry always sitting at the computer and Mike off lounging somewhere, throwing ideas at each other.

    Also, here's hoping for a PAX Prime 2013 episode coming soon :D

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    KoopahTroopahKoopahTroopah The koopas, the troopas. Philadelphia, PARegistered User regular
    Good episode. I've had this debate with multiple people as gamers tend to forge allegiance with one way or the other. I started with DotA, moved to HoN when it was announced, played LoL for a couple weeks when it was in early release, and then moved back to HoN, then finally to Dota 2. I feel that players from the DotA/HoN generation have an easier time moving to LoL than vice versa. The mechanics that are being replaced in the switch are minimal and generally require the player to do "less" to play well or get adjusted. However, small things like denying and lane control alone take quite awhile to get used to and are really underestimated in importance of winning DotA 2 games. While I prefer DotA 2 as it's beautifully crafted, and the O.G. of the genre, I can understand where people in the simply colossal LoL community are coming from.

    My real gripe is that player base of the MOBA/Action-RTS genre as a whole have such an infectious vile attitude about them about new players, and a good 80-90% of veterans suffer from the Dunning–Kruger effect at some point in their career. Any conversation about getting someone fresh into the genre veers off into "I did this, someone yelled at me, why would I play that again?" cycle. I can be patient when teaching newer players, but a lot of people can't. It's really a shame when the games themselves are produced with a fine-tooth comb, and the thing turning fresh players away are your current customers.

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    Lord_HamshireLord_Hamshire Some Highfalutin English Major Registered User regular
    Man, I honestly love the aesthetics of DOTA 2, but I couldn't live without those mechanics either. The purely mechanical design, especially character-wise in DOTA 2 is really awe-inspiring... I'd recommend you give it a try on the online mode. It's a beautiful game...

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    SatiSati Registered User new member
    Wait a minute... What is written in that book?
    Can someone make it out?

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