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Engagement at PAX!

DeryniDeryni Registered User new member
Nathan Drake of Uncharted asked Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite to marry him today in your lobby! Congratulations to Melissa and Gordon, may your chosen reality go well!



  • DolarrahDolarrah New JerseyRegistered User regular
    Congrats... May your merger produce much swag :)

  • AnnaRoyalAnnaRoyal North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    Congrats. Thats cute that he did it while cosplaying. I asked my boy friend to marry me in line getting a burger. Spoiler .. he said yes and so I bought him bacon cheddar fries.

    I love Tacos.
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  • XX55XXXX55XX Registered User regular
    I think I saw those guys earlier today... not when they were proposing, though.

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