Looking for dude: Musician bassist from Toronto, I think his name was Mike

SilvrDragon52SilvrDragon52 Registered User new member
On Sunday of PAX East, I was looking through my notebook / sketchbook while sitting in line for the ocremix music panel. This guy sat next to me and within minutes of talking about the benefit of notes we were having this high-level conversation about the nature of art, expression, communication, and language. We talked quickly about how all art can be understood as language and language can be understood as matters of relationships, before sitting down next to each other for the panel and chatting a bit during the sweet Shaq-Fu tournament.

Afterwards I hesitated to ask him if he wanted to keep in touch after only talking so briefly, since I thought it might sound weird, but I've never in my life come across someone who seemed so like-minded. Having touched on the values and purpose of human communication within 10 minutes, I can only imagine what chatting for longer might bring.

He was a genuinely friendly guy so if anyone knows who he is, I suspect he'd be cool with getting in touch- I absolutely want to get in touch with him.
He hung out at the jamspace, and he sat up on one of the chairs at the back of the room where things got set up- so maybe anyone affiliated with the jamspace knows him?



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