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On A Curve

On A Curve

The Price to Pay


I had just graduated college and one of my favorite game companies just happened to have an opening in my field of study. For little more than kicks and giggles I decided to apply, sent them my resume, and really didn’t expect much after that.

After a couple weeks, a few emails, a phone interview and some hastily made flight plans, I was out visiting the company - meeting folks, getting the grand tour,  still slightly in shock that it was all happening. Some strange stuff happened on my tour though, for one, it was an interview, so I was wearing a suit. Apparently this was a faux pas as the HR people started to snicker and make fun of me for wearing a suit as I was leaving the room after meeting them. I also met the CEO, which he seemed very annoyed that the person who was giving me the tour interrupted him to introduce me. I mean, I understand CEO’s are busy people, but I have met several, and none were as, well “douchey” (for lack of a better term) as this guy.

Anyways, the interview ended, it went well and I was given the job offer a day or so later. I was super excited until I read it. I would be taking a pay cut from my current job, and I would pretty much have to pay my relocation expenses (I was told the whole time that the company has a relocation program, but was never given details until in the job offer - it was a joke). I tried countering with a slightly higher salary and more compensation for relocation.

If I had been surprised by the offer, I wasn’t even close to being prepared for their response.

They claimed to be offended and hurt that they would go through the trouble to fly me out to tour the offices and interview, and that they had done so much and how dare would I dare ask for a higher salary. The person that would have been my direct supervisor said that they were personally hurt by my actions and that I was no longer being considered for the position.

The experience left such a bad taste in my mouth that I haven’t supported the company since. It saddens me because I love their products, but knowing the kind of people that work there, I just can’t support it. I have other gamer friends who love the company and buy everything they can from them, but whenever something from that company comes up in discussion when I’m around, I have to shake my head and walk away.

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    killer.zombierobotkiller.zombierobot Registered User new member
    I feel like I want to keep giving this a chance, but the art and story are just so WTF I'm finding it difficult.

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    Blackie62Blackie62 Registered User regular
    Contrary to you trying to treat it as otherwise Slam Duncan is a pretty good nickname. I'd like to start going by Duncan then start going by Slam Duncan.

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    streeverstreever Registered User regular
    I feel like I want to keep giving this a chance, but the art and story are just so WTF I'm finding it difficult.

    I'm loving it! I'm not sure what you mean by 'giving this a chance'; there isn't a pay version, right? You could always walk away from it and just re-cap in a month or two and see if it turned into something you like?

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    DJSquiggyDJSquiggy Registered User regular
    oh, its been so long, i forgot the idea she was trying to think up was for her real job.....

    the scattered focus on the different plot lines is difficult to follow with 2 comics a week. i can't be bothered to remember what happened last month, let alone last week.

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    MaddocMaddoc I'm Bobbin Threadbare, are you my mother? Registered User regular
    This acts as both the new story, and a behind the scenes peek at the writing process for the comic.

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