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I noticed on reddit some people have reported receiving the cancellation email for their order of badges with the following message:

"PLEASE NOTE: In order to keep things fair, we currently have badge limits of 4 per person. If we determine that you are ordering under different names or multiple addresses, all of your orders will be cancelled immediately."

According to that same user they only ordered 4 "sets" of single day badges ( 4x Fri, 4x Sat, 4x Sun, 4x Mon) which I believe in previous years was fine.

I figured we might as well have a thread dedicated to this as I'm sure many people are looking for answers.

Would it be possible for someone to provide some clarity as to the exact specifications used this year? And if there are any disputes, is [email protected] the best place to get your answers or should they be using [email protected] ?

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  • JasonGreveJasonGreve Gamer Registered User regular
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    I had this issue last year, here is the post after having it resolved:

    Today, my tickets were confirmed to not be cancelled (both sets of 4 single day badges, 32 total).

    The resolution came from [email protected] after emailing them politely with the situation that occurred resulting in us purchasing the amount of badges in the fashion that we did, and asking for assistance if at all possible.

    After emailing [email protected] and providing these details in a polite manner, we received a response 2 days after the initial email stating they would not cancel any of our badges (not offering an exact reason as to why).

    I am grateful, and I hope people have a similar experience. While I can appreciate people being upset about that resolution, their perspective would change if they were on this side of the coin if you will.

    EDIT: Because we don't need last years drama in there

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    It was my understanding that this was fine as well. No difference between that an 4x 4-day passes.

    If you ordered 4x 4-day passes AND 4x sets of single-day passes you might have issues, as that would defeat the spirit of the limit IMO.

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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I think those emails go to the same place and are one's best bet.

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    Excellent, thanks @zerzhul‌

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    another that I think also goes to the same place is [email protected]

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