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Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Dam

DogDog adminRegistered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited July 2014 in Camp Weedonwantcha

imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Dam


Read the full story here

Unknown User on


  • nosiwodanosiwoda regular Registered User regular

  • pengoorahpengoorah new member Registered User new member
    well, that was dark.

  • rednightmarerednightmare regular Registered User regular
    I loved the dark comedy of this. Hilarious!

    Also, now we know where Malachi's letter ended up.

  • MikhandreiMikhandrei regular Registered User regular
    Th...they lived, r-right? This is just a joke. Haha, LOL flattened... NOT! Oh KATIE YOU TEASE.




    Dead animals make me sad.

  • VolttikoiraVolttikoira new member Registered User new member
    This reminds me of Cyanide and Happiness' depressing comic week

  • LovelyLovely regular Registered User regular
    Part of me was D: , the other part of me immediately laughed. ....So yeah, not sure I feel about myself right now XD .

  • Lingering GrinLingering Grin regular Registered User regular
    I found the cat!

  • FellowFellow regular Registered User regular
    As if the cat wasn't easy enough to find, you had to go and include it in the thumbnail?

  • hibryd7hibryd7 regular Registered User regular
    edited July 2014
    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could slaughter his daughter?

    Then again, judging from the color it might not be his. We have a motive.

    hibryd7 on
  • tyrunntyrunn regular Registered User regular
    Nice to see Malachi's letter never made it home.

  • ZZ_ChopsZZ_Chops regular Registered User regular
    Is this your attempt at making a grown man cry at work? because if it is, you just did what you set out to do. Dam you : /

    Side note, obvious cat is obvious. I have a feeling it was put there to trick us though, still looking for the real secret cat.

  • xandriosxandrios new member Registered User new member
    The last panel is superfluous and ruins an otherwise great set up.

  • commonpersoncommonperson regular Registered User regular
    Beaver... NOOOOOOOOOO! DAMN that Elephant Candy! Will it's evils ever stop?

  • InvisibleInvisible regular Registered User regular
    I laughed. The beaver's face kills me.

  • Matteo8778Matteo8778 new member Registered User new member
    Oh wow this is funny! I was not expecting an unrelated glimpse into the tragic life of beavers at the end of this arc. I made an account just to say how much I love this strip.

  • streeverstreever regular Registered User regular
    This one is perfect.

  • BurtBurt regular Registered User regular
    Anybody else see the cat in the first panel... but not have it really register and then spend a few minutes looking in the background in each panel for a hidden cat... only to eventually realize that it was right in front of you the whole time?!? Mad at myself for that one..

  • BurtBurt regular Registered User regular
    also... i laughed my butt off at this strip... so I guess I'm heartless? oh well... great strip Katie.. a fantastic ending to a great story arc.

  • LieutenantDanLieutenantDan regular Registered User regular

  • blueshoalsblueshoals regular Registered User regular
    "What have I DONE."
    I'd love to see a new mini-game in the comic: Instead of spot the feral kitty, spot the traumatized wildlife!

  • alexpierceyalexpiercey new member Registered User new member
    @XANDRIOS What? The last panel makes the joke. The last panel IS the joke.

  • cwholsincwholsin new member Registered User new member
    I agree with @AlexPiercey, the last panel is the joke. If you'd wanted the comic to just be a window into another horrible, casual thing that happened in that woods then yes, that last panel should be left out, but instead you put a human emotion on a beaver's face and made us laugh and feel bad at the same time. Which I did. And I do. It was awesome.

  • Zorlock DarksoulZorlock Darksoul regular Registered User regular
    I know it's terrible, but that beaver's look of abject misery literally made me laugh out loud.

  • QuackNateQuackNate regular Registered User regular
    That title though.

  • AmakeAmake regular Registered User regular
    Everyone has something they want to forget. . .what monster makes these elephant pills anyway?

  • MommarMommar regular Registered User regular
    Oh my god, the traumatized Beaver face is so hilarious. I'm tearing up laughing! You poor, poor beaver.

  • Ubuntu4EverUbuntu4Ever new member Registered User new member
    Love the title, it's just too punny!

  • OddfishOddfish On opposite weeks In odd numbered monthsRegistered User regular
    that is the most horrible thing I've ever laughed at. I feel awful. Thank you for making me question my human decency, Katie, you brilliant, brilliant artist.

  • metfanscmetfansc regular Registered User regular
    Well I guess we don't need to go cat hunting in this one. That was the most morbid thing I have ever laughed at.

  • J. D. MilknutJ. D. Milknut Lord of Chipmunks Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    I laughed SO. HARD.

  • cass16xcass16x new member Registered User new member
    I wonder what's written on that message in a bottle?

  • Zap_RowsdowerZap_Rowsdower new member Registered User new member
    Check the first comic.

  • LostNinjaLostNinja regular Registered User regular
    I can't stop laughing!

    ...I may be a terrible person.

  • JeezusGutJeezusGut new member Registered User new member
    I don't know if I am a worse person for laughing at this or Katie for creating it. Maybe we both are horrible. That beaver face at the end though.

  • AlernetAlernet regular Registered User regular
    the drama

  • josephhornerjosephhorner new member Registered User new member
    Im so confused. Seems out of sorts with sweetness of last comic

  • hajenhajen regular Registered User regular
    and the other shoe falls, ... and what a shoe it is.

    when Colin threw the pills into the river, i wasn't too bothered; i figured it would take at least 5 ~ 10 years at sea before the plastic would degrade enough to release the 'candy'. thank you, Katie, for providing a plausible mechanism for releasing the fun in a much shorter time frame.

  • motorfireboxmotorfirebox regular Registered User regular

  • FriedKeithFriedKeith regular Registered User regular
    Oooooh noooooooo!

  • aRatFlailaRatFlail new member Registered User new member
    I laughed a bit too hard...

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