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Non Pinny Arcade Gaming Pins collecting and trading

AyefkayAyefkay Queensland, AustraliaRegistered User regular
Pins. What was considered a friendly collecting and trading hobby amongst like minded Penny Arcade fans a little over a year ago, has now consumed your life as you frantically check the forums every hour for an announcement that will get you that next 'hit'... And when news becomes few and far between, you realise that Pinny Arcade alone just wont cut it anymore...

So with the new Blizzard pins announced at SDCC, i figured thered be more than just me interested in collecting and trading. Thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for any gaming related pins or collections that we can work together to collect and trade. Regular PA rules don't apply, i wouldn't expect people to trade PA for non pa pins, up to you in private to sort that out. So for the moment, i know of:

Blizzard pins, Available after Blizzcon with 2 Jim Raynor (normal and gold plated) exclusive to SDCC that im really keen to get

Club Nintendo pins: honestly, these have been going on for years so i don't intend to have any substantial collection but id be really interested in any Legend of Zelda pins anybody knows about

My PinnyPals Digital Lanyard: Now Up to date!



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