Badges have arrived... for 2013

PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet BustersTasting FruitRegistered User regular
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Phyphor was warned for this.
I guess that explains why they never arrived in the mail last year
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zerzhul on
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  • BigRedBigRed Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Held by customs for a year?

    <MoeFwacky> besides, BigRed-Worky is right
  • SanDogWepsSanDogWeps Limerick Monger San DiegoRegistered User regular
    More importantly, epic University of Planet avatar...

  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Registered User regular
    Wow, that's crazy...

    "Perception is reality." -unknown
  • dunbrine47dunbrine47 Registered User new member
    GG all the mail people involved. And a moment of silence for all wayward con badges. *moment over*

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