For PAXE 2015: Looking to Form a Videogame Music Cover Band!

TroubletownTroubletown Registered User new member
I apologize if this is the wrong place for this. I am looking for others who would be interested in forming a videogame music cover band that collaborates remotely/asynchronously (Ohm Studio or similar), and hopefully can meet to play a bit in jamspace at Magfest and/or PAXEast!

I play the drums. I live in New Jersey. I will keep an eye on this thread and also my PMs!


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    zoidbergzoidberg Registered User regular
    I remember being at the PAX East back in 2010. There was a pretty cool jam going on. Anyway, I'm a bass player, and I'd say I'm 75% on going. We would definitely need a piano player or guitarist that can play the heads to the songs. I have no problem walking bass lines at sight. Oh, and I'm on Long Island by the way.

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    ArcanicEightArcanicEight Registered User regular
    I can play guitar, but I'd probably need tabs to learn everything. I can read music, too, but I find tabs much easier. Depending on what we're playing I could probably figure out stuff by ear if need be, but certainly not on the spot, haha.

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    TroubletownTroubletown Registered User new member
    PMs sent. Others that may see this thread in the future, please post if you are interested! If at some point I am no longer looking for members, I'll close this thread or at least post as such!

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    killer6699killer6699 Registered User regular
    You know, I might be interested in this, if the timing for this year's PAX was better. As it stands, it's at the tail end of a 5 day ski trip for me, so I'm gonna miss Friday and be super tired on Sat and Sun. I play guitar as well, though.

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    Xavier1216Xavier1216 Bagu is my name. Show my note to river man. Greater Boston AreaRegistered User regular
    I don't play any instruments, which I realize is the meat and potatoes of video game music, but I'd be interested if you ever needed any backing vocals or a guest singer. I'm from the Boston area, and I plan on attending PAX East if I can get a pass.

    PSN: PLD_Xavier | NNID: Xavier1216
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    itsystemguruitsystemguru Registered User new member
    Any room for hip hop verses? If you give me the tune I can write something quick and witty

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    PlatStratPlatStrat Registered User regular
    I play guitar and sing and I'd definitely be up for this.

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