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    shadowane wrote: »
    shadowane wrote: »
    Doggone it.

    I had a craving to play just a little of the campaign earlier, so I loaded up my game, and the Rocket Hog I had at the FOB for the next big base attack was still there. I went out, grabbed an upgrade, came back, still there. Went to help a squad nearby out, and when I get back... the damn thing was gone!

    Any idea why it suddenly up and disappeared?

    I found it when rescuing a squad near the canyon north of the Tower, but I forget which locale that was, so I'm not sure where to go for another one. D=

    Eventually you can spawn a rocket hog at the FOB, but I'm pretty sure you have to beat the game first to get enough valor. Spawning tanks at the FOB is fun though.

    Rocket hog is inexplicably the last valor unlock

    Especially since the tank is right there and you can drive and shoot the tank at the same time. The various jeeps are fun, but since you can't drive and shoot them at the same time, they just weren't worth my time.

    Also the Razorback is better since you can load up marines with god weapons. Marines cant even drive anymore so why bother with anything else but the tank and wasp

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    Someone who cares about halo can make the next thread

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