Royal Rumble '15

MathGuru83MathGuru83 Registered User regular
As all avid wrestling fans know, the WWE Royal Rumble will be taking place that Sunday of PAX weekend (Jan 25th). Me and a buddy were going to watch it in our hotel and wanted to see if other people would be interested for a mini (depending on room) Rumble Party. Contact @ andreball83@gmail if your ready to watch Daniel Bryan win! YES! YES! YES!


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    AxonAxon Registered User regular
    I will likely be cancelling my PAX South sojourn because I have tix for the rumble. :-(

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    MathGuru83MathGuru83 Registered User regular
    Yeah that's a tough choice. I think I'd rather be at the Rumble if Daniel Bryan has a good chance of winning. Guess we'll see in a week or so huh?

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    Jester19xJester19x Registered User regular
    I might take you up on the offer. I really dont wanna wait til i get home to watch it cause people might txt me and will be all over facebook

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    DiligentDragonDiligentDragon Registered User regular
    Thank god I never log onto my Facebook account....rather than watch Rumble in a hotel room, though, shouldn't we see if a bar in SA is showing it? There's always a chance!

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    krae_mankrae_man Registered User regular
    I think you mean Roman Reigns win.

    *Pointless Loony Toons reference*

    Blea Dat

    I've been trying to find a bar myself and have had absolutely no luck.

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    WuShockWuShock Lawful Good South BrownbackistanRegistered User regular
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