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Phill's First Ever Sketchbook



  • xPPaulsonxxPPaulsonx Registered User regular
    Day 18:

    Something I just noticed while starting this one was how I've actually changed a lot about my process over the course of doing these studies, which is good because it's something I had been meaning to overhaul. Beyond that I'm focusing harder on "mixing" the right colors, and I figure grayscale is a pretty easy place to begin practicing before getting into more color. Also, thank you Ollie for all the feedback, I am scared of color but I'm meaning to get into it pretty soon although I will be pretty busy doing other art stuff towards the end of the week (gearing up to work our digital art student group's booth at a Con this weekend and likely beginning commission work for a project our group is working on). Then, in personal work, yes I'm really excited to come back to that portrait of Belruel using what I learned in the portrait stuff I was working on before I started the 21 Days stuff to do it in my new and improved style.

  • ziddersroofurryziddersroofurry Registered User regular
    I don't have anything constructive to say. I just wanted to thank you for sharing the art and for the inspiration. You've been making huge improvements and it makes me feel better about my own ability to improve. I'd also like to thank everyone here who has offered advice because I think i've learned a few things. You folks rock.

  • xPPaulsonxxPPaulsonx Registered User regular
    Day 19:

    First I just want to say thank you to every single person who has commented and even taken the time to look at this thread so far. I was super nervous to start this sketchbook, but I have learned so much so quickly. One of the things I was most afraid of was how I would take the constructive criticism (because I know myself) and whether I would get too down on myself or make excuses, etc.; but during my fairly short time posting here I've learned to take and use criticism so much better than before, and that above all may be the most important thing you all have helped me with. I feel that I have drastically improved since the start, and I've been suggesting to others that they take the jump and start posting their work in a similar way. Also, I've gotten a lot more feedback and visibility than I expected when I started, and that has been one of the things that has gotten me more charged up about making art; having an audience really does help, and now I know that the more I work and post in here, the better I will get. It's kind of just simple math, in that respect. So thank you all, and I'm really excited to keep going forward.

    Tl;dr-Thanks for being here everybody.

  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    I don't think you could write a post that would make me feel more warm and fuzzy.

    I'm glad the AC is helping you push forward.

  • SunShamonSunShamon Sun Registered User regular
    keep it up :+1::D

  • MeGiantMeGiant Artist San DiegoRegistered User regular
    this is so cool. the improvement so visible!

  • acadiaacadia Registered User regular
    Each one of these is looking better and better. Are you sticking with one brush throughout, or do you switch to a smaller brush for detail work once you get the large shapes down?

  • xPPaulsonxxPPaulsonx Registered User regular
    Day 20:

    Challenged myself much more with this one, trees are hard man. Although there's only one day left of the #21Days, I'm challenging myself to continue being so prolific; this means drawing everyday and posting work up here (because I'd miss you guys if I didn't). I've had a lot of fun, some ups and downs, and lots of learning so far, and I really can't afford not to continue like this.

    In response to Acadia's question, I have indeed used the same brush (just a pretty basic chalk brush) throughout the entirety of these paintings. I start with the pressure setting off and just block in values at 100% opacity, then after finishing I'll turn the pressure sensitivity back on to pen control and finish things out. One thing I've noticed with the latest couple of pieces was that what I paint with the 100% opacity actually has been very close to the final product, much more so than the earlier ones. To be completely transparent, I actually did use a "dirty" texture brush at the very end of this study because I felt it was too smooth and missed some of that texture that made the painting feel much more tactile and accurate; however for all the studies previous to this I did only use the one brush.

  • xPPaulsonxxPPaulsonx Registered User regular
    Day 21:

    We made it folks, 21 days. I'm actually fairly proud of myself for maintaining the discipline to work on these every day. This project has definitely lived up to Noah's promise that I would get better, but I attribute it all not only to the work itself, but all of you guys helping me out even if it was just a "keep it up". But enough sappy stuff, this does not end here. I still plan to draw every day and do a lot of focused studies. Next on the docket is to do material studies and color master studies. Also I really need to do more idle drawing for personal fun; I have a couple of ideas for personal projects marinating in the dark recesses of my mind that I'm excited to flesh out and start concepting. I hope you all will stay on board for the ride!

  • RadicouRadicou Registered User regular
    Your values are definitely more spot on than your first ones Paul. Keep up the great work!

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