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Ingress? Anyone play?

s3prototypes3prototype Houston, TXRegistered User regular
Anyone play? Maybe a faction group to roam with?

I roll Enlightened Lv8.


  • GarcMattGarcMatt San AntonioRegistered User regular
    my brother was into it he tried getting me into it I could try to level up before the event

  • cvanhoosecvanhoose Houston, TXRegistered User new member
    I am an Enlightened Lvl 11 (LordCoog). I was thinking about strolling around and getting some unique portal takeovers on either Friday or Saturday night. Nothing solid planned, just going with the flow. Feel free to add me on the Pax South app and use my contact info from there, and we can play it by ear.

  • PreacherChePreacherChe Houston, TXRegistered User regular
    UHEM ENL L10 (PreacherChe). Friends with LordCoog and likely similar plans. We both should have some Ingress or ENL pin/keychain hanging off our backpacks.

  • z24autoxz24autox Registered User regular
    L7 enlightened, will be wandering about trying to take over downtown SA!

  • s3prototypes3prototype Houston, TXRegistered User regular
    Hit me up on twitter guys or find me on the guildbook app s3prototype. Lets see whats up.

  • demimykedemimyke PhillyRegistered User regular
    I'm ENL lvl 9 hit me up on the twitters @mykeywithawhy

  • DanQDanQ Registered User regular
    Am I the only one on blue team?

  • macrogeekmacrogeek Registered User regular
    Lv4 Resistance, user: Macrogeek. I'll probably play a little as I'm near landmarks, but I'm a filthy casual as far as Ingress is concerned.

  • PreacherChePreacherChe Houston, TXRegistered User regular
    Still ENL L10 (hah, year later and still L10... I don't play much anymore). LordCoog and I'll be there again, this year.

  • BonelessThursBonelessThurs Registered User new member
    Level 11 Resistance. Same username as here. I'll be around town and surely hitting up portals/missions.

    Ingress (Resistance): BonelessThurs
  • s3prototypes3prototype Houston, TXRegistered User regular
    hit me up on twitter @s3prototype and I'll join in if you guys are smashing portals

  • AmbientSidewalkAmbientSidewalk Registered User new member
    edited January 2016
    Yeah, I'll be playing. AmbientSidewalk 15 Smurf (Still missing a couple of Onyx Badges). I'll be the one carpet bombing green.

    There's a fair number of portals at the convention center (10-15) as well as a TON along the riverwalk. If you walk a little you can easily get 50 uniques.

    Resistance PAXers, feel free to ping me if you need gear.

    AmbientSidewalk on
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