strange mobile virus pop-up

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is this legitimate? my gut says "no", but hell, maybe you guys have just got my back. in any case i haven't clicked the "APP" link as that seems like a sure fire way to get a virus, if i haven't already got one...


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    Unless other people report this, your phone is all jacked up.

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    Yeah that looks a LOT like the mobile version of one of those pop-up malware fake anti-viruses that suddenly appear if you navigate to a less-than sanitary porn site. "Your computer has a bajillion viruses, click here to clean!" bullshit.

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    I saw this once here on the forums! Once and only once that I can remember. Antivirus scans of my phone give it a clean bill of health, never seen it since. (Never installed any of the apps mentioned in that Ars Technica story.)

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