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Greetings everyone! I thought it would be appropriate to create this thread to help photographers find their cosplayers, and cosplayers find their photographers.

1. Photographers, feel free to post your image galleries here to share your photos!
2. Cosplayers, feel free to post reference images and ask about photos!
3. Feel free to reply and say "I saw you!" or give positive feedback/experiences with the cosplayer and/or photographer.
4. Negative comments/remarks are NOT allowed. We're all friendly people here.

Happy searching!

[Please let me know if somebody already created this thread. If so, I will delete it.]


I cosplayed as Postman Link from Hyrule Warriors with an 8-bit sword and shield for PAX East
2015. Unfortunately, I only received/had a total of 3 photos of myself. Did anyone have photos of me? I'd love to see them if you do!

* I'm specifically looking for an image of me and Tingle w/ me and Majora w/ me.
* I'd also love to see photos of the people that I gave my weapons to, so they could have the opportunity to pose with me.
* I danced/was a backup dancer at the Just Dance Spotlight stage. Footage/photos would be great!

If you could find me these photos, thank you. Also, I'd like to share/repost your images of you give me permission.
I will credit you using your preferred user.

Thank you!

Here's some reference if you need it:


Here's my image gallery! It's not much, but feel free to tag yourselves.


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  • satyr16satyr16 Registered User regular
    I was Venom Snake/Big Boss from MGS5 and got a ton of photos, and some videos, taken of me. I was with a Kaz Miller cosplay (my friend) too and did a few shoots together. Mostly looking for those ones in particular but I'll take any Big Boss pics. I had the black shrapnel in my forehead and mainly posed with the Phantom Cigar.
    Also, to the guys who took that video of me CQCing one of them I'd love to see that video, if you're ever in this thread that is.

  • BlitherPantsBlitherPants Registered User regular
    First convention ever, and I was Commander Keen...*cough*...Queen. My sister was the yorp alien from Keen 1, though she kept getting asked if she was Mike Wazowski. There was only a handful of people who asked for our pic, but any on here?

    -Black Doom
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    My brother and I cosplayed as Akihiko and Junpei from Persona on Friday. It was our first time cosplaying. Ran into some other Persona cosplayers too! Good times.

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  • ManlyExplosionManlyExplosion Registered User new member
    I went as the green Magicka Vietnam wizard, would love to see any of the photos people took of me. I know a few people got some photos of me, along with a video or two.

    Here's a reference if you need it

  • DoktrMikeDoktrMike Registered User regular
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    I went as a hunter from Destiny carrying the hand cannon Thorn. Here are a couple of pics of me that I've found. Some really great costumes this year!


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  • ItaraItara Registered User regular
    I would love some pictures if anyone has some. This pax was my 1st time cosplaying and I'm trying to gather as many pictures of me as possible.

    Friday: Charazard
    Saturday: Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn (FFXIV)

    I really want pictures of my tail/fire for Charazard. I lost my fire friday night and need to remake it.

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    We actually have a sticky already for pictures and video from the show. There's also an ongoing cosplay thread too. I think posting "here's me, can you PM if you have photos?" makes sense in the existing cosplay thread, and otherwise just post galleries and such in the photo/video sticky.


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