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WrestleMania 26


Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker are two undisputed legends in modern wrestling history, and WrestleMania was famous for bringing out the best in both of them. Shawn Michaels earned the nickname Mr. WrestleMania by consistently putting together the best matches on the card. The Undertaker had never lost a match at the event, beating, among other things, his demonic half brother, his doppleganger, and the future COO of the company. Their match at Wrestlemania 25 was widely considered to be one of the greatest matches of all time.

The loss ate at Shawn Michaels, who ached to prove he could beat the Undertaker's streak himself. The Undertaker, however, refused to grant a rematch. Sent spiraling, Michaels tried everything to earn a rematch. When all conventional measures failed, he cost the Undertaker his title, enraging him enough to agree to the fight, but on one condition: if Shawn Michaels failed to end the streak, he would be forced into an early retirement.

Your Prompt

Superman and Batman are two undisputed legends in all of comics history. In this battle, versions of these characters from an alternate universe where comic superheroes are professional wrestlers meet for one final battle. The story doesn't have to match what happened between Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. The story doesn't have to line up with any pro wrestling storyline that's ever been written.

That's it, though


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    I was born for this

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    Batman was the legend, Batman was the night, the hero Wrestlemania deserves, and the one it needed EVERY YEAR.

    No one had ever taken him down at Wrestlemania. It was his legacy to keep the streets of Gotham Wrestling clean. He had trained many wards in his day, but none could take on the threat of the Superman. He was defeated only when he gracefully accepted defeat. He was a man of steel, friendly and helpful on the outside, but a terror waiting to happen.

    He came prepared, Batman brought the one thing that could beat Superman, a kryptonite chair. Superman had never been able to best Batman, and had always surrendered when it looked grim to keep his winning steak and look good. Here, Batman wouldn't LET him surrender. He would be the vengence for all those Superman had beaten, he was the legend again.


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    Just as they form the elder statesmen of the DC universe, on Wrestle-Earth Batman and Superman are the icons of DCW, having been there from the very beginning, wrestling at state fairs and high schools before the company landed their landmark television deal.

    Both of them were babyfaces, the good guys, fighting against the heels of the wrestling world and winning the hearts of millions. Joined by other faces after DCW took off, but they were always the main attraction. Then the 1990s hit.

    The crowds didn't cheer as loud for saving the day and good clean heroes as they did years before, but that didn't stop Batman and Superman from working their hearts out. Eventually, the Powers That Be decided to pit the old friends against each other in an attempt to spice up their card. Initially against it, Superman didn't want to face his ally in the ring, but Batman, sensing the changing attitude in the air, managed to convince him.

    The match was legendary, with both men wrestling as though it was their last. The plan was for Superman to get the win after kicking out of, the previously unbeatable, Knightfall. Unbeknownst to Superman, management lied and got Batman to agree to force his friend to submit in the ring with a new finisher: The Krypto-Knight, stealing the win and beginning a new ascent to the top of the card with a new, harder edge.

    Superman was shocked by his friend's betrayal but ever the hero he forgave his friend and offered a handshake. Batman kicked Superman's hand away and left the arena without looking back. Dismayed, Superman continued to wrestle for DCW but crowds had turned from non-responsive to outright hostile after the Metropolis Screwjob. Knowing he wasn't welcome, but still wanting to ply his craft and entertain crowds across the world, Superman left the DCW for other wrestling federations.

    Meanwhile, Batman found greater success than ever with his new found dark streak. Not quite a heel, but edgier than any babyface before him, Batman became the symbol of the new Antihero Era. Although he had left, DCW owned the rights to Superman's name and attempted a darkening of the Man of Steel by replacing him with newer, hipper versions such as The Eradicator and Steel. None of them stuck, and Batman continued to be the tent pole for DCW.

    Wrestling his way through various companies in the years that followed, Superman went through various identities: The Sentry and Sun God at M.A.R.V.E.L., Supreme at Image-Nation, and the Plutonium at BOOM. Initially hoping to remain the same old cheerful paragon of justice, Superman learned that crowds didn't want that anymore and caved to pressure to do darker acts before finally becoming disillusioned with wrestling itself and retiring to his Kansas farmstead.

    A decade passed and while Batman handily ruled the 90s, the crowds had begun to grow tired of the brooding avenger of the squared circle, and his gaggle of imitators. DCW was desparate to bolster their dwindling audiences and needed a major attraction, so they asked their star for any ideas. Batman thought back to how he got here in the first place, and gave his old pal a call. Superman was, understandably, skeptical to work with DCW and Batman after seeing what they had done with his identity through the years, but seeing the potential box office draw, and with pressure from Batman, management caved to his requests: No Dirty Finishes, No Dark Gimmicks, and Superman has to fight his way up through the card, proving he earned his fight with Batman and didn't just coast on reputation.

    Superman's debut was met with mixed reaction: the now-young adult crowd that started watching in the 90s booed the colorful combatant, but the veterans and kids cheered their hearts out at his heroics. True to his word, Superman earned that spot, fighting through nearly every other wrestler on the roster as though he were 20 years younger and had never retired. The cheers grew louder and louder with each win, with fans finding Superman's athleticism, in-ring charm and professionalism a breath of fresh air after the decade of darkness. After 6 months, the night finally came: Superman vs. Batman in the city they first clashed at over a decade ago: Metropolis.

    Batman flew in with his usual theatrics, riding the Batwing down in the open air stadium to the boom of pyro and his guitar-laden theme song:

    Superman, however, simply walked down the ramp to the same theme he had years before, stopping only to hand his cape to a grateful young fan:

    The match went on for nearly an hour, with both wrestlers putting their heart and soul into it. There were a half-dozen false finishes and just as many finishing moves between them before Batman finally landed the Krypto-Knight. Superman looked ready to tap, but crawled his way to the ropes only to have Batman drag him into the middle of the ring. All hope looked lost. Then the chant started. Su-per-man. Su-per-man. SU-PER-MAN. SU-PER-MAN. The stadium roared for their fallen hero, with even Batman's fans being swept into the moment. Superman looked out into the crowd, grimacing in pain, before flashing a grin and a wink to the fan with his cape. Flipping Batman over with sheer strength alone. Superman managed to reverse the hold and pin him to the canvas. 1. 2. 3. The crowd exploded as Superman's theme roared through the loudspeakers. With tears in his eyes, Superman ran out of the ring into the crowd of fans, hugging and shaking hands with everyone he could see.

    After returning to the ring, Superman greets the bewildered Batman, and offers his hand once more. Batman looks at it, snarls, and kicks it away. But as Superman opens his mouth, Batman embraces his brother in a hug. Super-friends once more.


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    The Zack's are all in this.

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    I know I switched tenses like a billion times in there but I'm writing it at work on my phone so NYEH, I'll clean it up tomorrow

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    That was magical

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    Great post there Blank. Though I'm sorely tempted to come out of match writing retirement for this. Hmm...

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    I will do a thing for all of these but goddammit this one is going to be tough, since it'll be hard to just NOT write this as CM Punk Vs. John Cena.

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    edit: removed the whole thing for being a hot mess that I wrote too quickly at work. Also terrible.

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    A magician wandered along the beach, but no one needed him.
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    Redacted due to being a jerk, my apologies.

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    Man, I wanted to write something for this, but Blank did it so well, I just don't feel like I can do this matchup justice now.

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    Day One Voting is Here

    Remember, the floor is still open for debate!

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