Round One: America Chavez vs. Kate Bishop

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Windmill, windmill for the land...


In May of 2005, the Gorillaz released their sophomore album, Demon Days. Feel Good, Inc. was the hit single from the album, and inspired the preceding music video.

Here's a summary of the video via Wikipedia:
The integration of computer-generated imagery with two-dimensional animation is more seamless than in previous Gorillaz videos, creating a more textured, layered effect. At the beginning of the video, while the camera is rising up from the Feel Good Inc. tower, a sample of the Spacemonkeyz dub of "Clint Eastwood" entitled "A Fistful of Peanuts" can be heard. The main themes of the video are intellectual freedom and the media's dumbing down of mass culture.[5]

In the video, 2D yearns for the freedom to join Noodle on her floating island. The characters lying on the floor represent those who have already been "dumbed down", while the band members are the ones who have awakened. 2D is trying to wake all the people from their half-dead state by yelling at them through his megaphone, in the style of a political activist.

“ I think Gorillaz built a tower around themselves that they couldn't get out of; of excess and debauchery. The video is based on this feeling. For a while it was great to be on the inside, but the party got out of hand. It's become like the 'Last days of Pompeii'... a... er... Sodding Gomorrah. The Feel Good Tower represents this. The palace we built has become a prison. In the video I'm just waking up from this year-long hedonist's dream, and I realize that maybe ... the fruits of success have turned sour.
—2D on the Feel Good Inc. video[6] ”
In the band's audio commentary of the video in the Demon Days limited edition album DVD, Noodle commented that the floating island was "inspired by a lot of Japanese animation with the colours, the textures, and the tones". Jamie Hewlett admitted in an interview that the inspiration for some scenes in the video came from Hayao Miyazaki; specifically, the windmill-powered landmass, which has been compared to that of Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky.[7] According to the DVD commentary, they wanted to "make the island seem as if it sprung from the mind of a child". The floating island is chased by ominous helicopters, which closely resemble Korean War era Bell H-13s, monitoring the behaviour inside and ensuring that no one escapes. It is unclear whether they are preventing Noodle's escape or are chasing her away.[8] Back in the tower, De La Soul appear as larger-than life, seemingly omnipotent images on surrounding television screens, laughing at the Gorillaz band members. Their taunting drives 2D into a wild, hypnotic frenzy as he tries to resist the urge to be dumbed down. Noodle states: "Many people in life seem drawn to the more insane figures, who throw their weight around, seemingly oblivious to the effect that they have on people's feelings. Maybe they see this attribute as a sign of strength. However, I believe it's a downward spiral in which everyone gradually has their soul eroded."[9] This is part of the band's Reject False Icons campaign. At the end of the video, 2D appears beaten by his surroundings, and returns to the state he was in when the video began, repeating the words "Feel good" until the video finally ends, in an exact reversal of the intro. The repetition of "Feel good" represents that 2D is convincing himself that everything is OK (as if he is brainwashing himself to believe it), instead of facing the harsh truth of the situation.[10] The music video for "El Mañana" is a continuation of this video, depicting two helicopter gunships catching up to Noodle's floating windmill island and attacking it. The impression is that Noodle's island is under observation in "Feel Good Inc." and then attacked when it breaks free in "El Mañana".

So if you can get something out of that, go ahead.

Your Prompt

America Chavez and Kate Bishop are allies in the Marvel universe we know. But in one with floating windmills and stuff, it's anyone's guess. Using this video as a jumping board, figure out a scenario where two women enter...and, well, you know the rest.

Don't you?




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    Across the infinite multiverse, even stories about hopping between universes are repeated. This is one such world, and in it, as one Earth-616 the Young Avengers beat their version of the Mother parasite, and like the young heroes of Earth-616, they celebrated their victory with an afterparty to end all afterparties. Unlike the world we know, the bar they chose for for their celebration kicked them out, and the party was relocated to a new venue in a tower owned by Feel Good Incorporated, and operated by pheromone-projecting mutant sleazeball Sean Garrison, father of the mutant Wallflower. Garrison used his pheromones to keep the heroes trapped in an endless party, keeping them occupied while FGI took over the world around them. Only America Chavez was strong enough to resist his influence to any degree, and even then the most she could do was wander the tower, trying to wake her friends and staring out the window before slipping back into the endless revel. During these moments of near-lucidity she can't help but notice that something is missing, someone is missing, but she can't quite place what, or who.

    One day, while she stares out the window she sees something new that startles her enough to wake her up more than ever- out of the clouds comes a flying island, seemingly propelled by a giant windmill. On the tip of the island is a figure, all in purple. Deep down she knows that this purple person is a friend, and that her only chance of saving herself and others is to escape the tower and enlist their aid. Holding fast to this lone rebellious idea, and knowing that she must act before her mind is once again no longer her own, America charges for the window and dives through it. The further from the tower she gets, the more her consciousness returns. She flies to the island and rejoins Hawkeye, who explains that she left the party early because Clint had texted her for help setting the time on his microwave, and had been searching for her friends ever since.

    The plan to save their friends is simple -pilot the island around to the hole in the tower window that America had created. Once there, America would carry each of them out to the island, and then fly the hell away. The plan is complicated when a fleet of black helicopters attacks both the island, and the tower itself - if they can't keep the heroes occupied, they'll kill them instead! America is ready to fight, but Kate reminds her that she isn't strong enough to drag everyone out of the tower. While America rescues their friends, Kate takes up a position on the top of the windmill, a defiant purple beacon. As the helicopters approach, she draws a number of arrows with spherical tips, and fires them in long, high-arcing shots. The arrows burst in mid-air, raining a beige goop onto the rotors of the helicopters. The goop quickly hardens, stopping the rotors and sending the helicopters plummeting from the sky.



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    Eat it You Nasty Pig.Eat it You Nasty Pig. tell homeland security 'we are the bomb'Registered User regular
    What, a tower of contented ennui, inhabited by those who know they could be doing better? That sounds like the kind of trap Clint Barton would fall straight into.

    THE ONLY WINNING MOVE IS NOT TO PLAY (and to leave town for Los Angeles immediately.)


    hold your head high soldier, it ain't over yet
    that's why we call it the struggle, you're supposed to sweat
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    chiasaur11chiasaur11 Never doubt a raccoon. Do you think it's trademarked?Registered User regular
    What, a tower of contented ennui, inhabited by those who know they could be doing better? That sounds like the kind of trap Clint Barton would fall straight into.

    THE ONLY WINNING MOVE IS NOT TO PLAY (and to leave town for Los Angeles immediately.)


    To be fair, Clint Barton would then fall out of it, because he's not allowed to be content.

    Sometimes being a walking disaster area is a plus!

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    The Scene:

    Upstate New York at a random Gala thrown by boring people.

    Kate Bishop, our Heroine, is forced to attened and brown-nose with trust fund babies like herself with more money then God.

    When, out of the blue, the front door is torn off it's hinges.

    Ameirca:"Kate, avenging crap, lets go":kicks open wormhole"

    Kate:"OH THANK GOD"

    Winner: AMERICA CHAVEZ...also, FREEDOM.

    Transporter on
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